Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Transcendent machines

"Someone once said plants invented animals to carry them around. Well, I think the Earth invented human beings to build machines; and those machines will be the consciousness of the Earth. Have you not noticed that these machines are made of the Earth? They are made of gold and silver and arsenic and copper and iridium. They are the stuff of the Earth, organised by primate fingers into more complex arrangements than the Earth could achieve through geological folding, glaciation, volcanism, what have you. We do the fine-tuning; but the Earth is beginning to think."

--Terence McKenna

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Particleion said...

Hope the earth want's to keep us around knowing the eons of abuse we have given it. Ohh poor earth don't cleanse us all

LillyLyle said...

There are days I feel like her, as if I'm coming apart at the seams.

I like McKenna's comment. Who knows, maybe he's right. It's a theory, like everything else.

enjoitherhythm said...

I love this quote!! I love to freak my friends out with this idea. Thanks