Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here's an astonishingly clever Disney animation depicting hypothetical plants and animals on the surface of Mars. (One of my favorites is the organic flying saucer that fries its prey before enveloping the carcass.)

(Thanks to John Shirley for the tip.)

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Red Pill Junkie said...

Even better is the story behind these animations —though I'm sure you're familiar with it.

Ward Kimball (one of the original '9 old men') once old that officers from the USAF approached Walt Disney and asked him to develop a film that would help the American public get used to the idea of UFOs and alien visitation; in return, they offered to give Disney authentic footage of UFOs to be used in the film (sound familiar??).

So Walt asked his animators to envision life forms to be found on other planets .Obviously, the USAF backed down on the part of the lending of the footage, and so Walt killed the project.

David Stewart said...

What brought a slight smile to me can be seen right before the 1:55 point where the narrator makes the statement; "Leaving a fantastic Martian Sculpture in their wake" . Which may or may not be an enigmatic comment depending upon ones view of Martian surface anomalies that were yet to be discovered.

But that nebulous statement is made more intriguing because of the imagery at that exact 1:55 point in the clip. Take a look and tell me if that doesn't look just like what Hoagland calls the Glass Tunnels of Mars???

Mac said...


I noticed the same detail. Intriguing synchronicity or something more . . . ?

Red Pill Junkie said...

Also, check out that funky critter gliding through the Martian sand at 1:30 —doesn't it remind you of those weird photographs of the "bunny" that were taken by one of the Rovers a couple of years ago? you know, the one with two images showing the "ears" to be moved by the wind? ;-)