Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Only forward

(Hat tip: Dedroidify.)

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Anonymous said...

Exaggerated. Computers run faster, so what? For example; sure there's increasing "interactivity" or communication, but in the mean time a very large part of humanity is still starving.

Even my life does not get any better because my computer happens to be that much faster than what I had 3 years before. (The contrary if you use Vista.)

Obviously we can make a perfect world right now for like 1% of the current world population. Congratulations.

Mac said...


I don't think McKenna is necessarily talking about computing power, per se. Nor is he talking about creating a "perfect world"; he's discussing a perceptual phenomenon that isn't confined to any particular discipline or ideology.

Portland Magician said...

Anon is wrong, or perhaps, not wrong but simply missing McKenna'a larger point. That point being that our levels of complexity are accelerated because of our inventions, and interactions.

Anon needs to listen to "The World and it's Double" for further clarification. Heaven forbid he listen to a lecture on "Timewave Zero".

This a great video to accompany this talk.

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