Thursday, February 01, 2007

On the surface of it, UFOs could lurk

For nearly 60 years, rumors have circulated of strange flying objects emerging from the ocean off our coast and disappearing in a fantastic flash of speed and light.

Sailors, fishermen, dockworkers, police officers, coastal residents and others have reported eerie otherworldly ships emerging from and submerging into local waters.

UFOs, it seems, have established an underwater base somewhere in the deep, dark recesses between the Channel Islands and the coastline between Long Beach and Santa Barbara.

Whether we're dealing with an indigenous nonhuman intelligence or beings from somewhere else, our oceans are arguably the best places to hide. That we seem to be observing the occasional comings and goings of unfamiliar vehicles should come as no monumental surprise to anyone open to the possibility that we're sharing the planet with someone else.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mac,

I've often argued in favour of an aquatic origin for UFOs (or USOs - unidentified submarine objects). But whereas I once thought the creatures responsible for the USOs had to originate underwater, I now think they might be a surface species adapted to underwater life.

It need not just be saltwater habitats either: many of the Celtic "faery" tales link the Fair Folk with lakes and lochs.

And this was also suggested by Morris Jessup in his Case for the UFO, especially in its Varo edition with the annotations by the mysterious commentators.