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The Crater Pyramid Reimaged

Like the Cliff feature in Cydonia, the Crater Pyramid (CP) is located on the edge of a crater. To some, this proximity implies intelligent construction, since the energy released by the impact would very likely have toppled any nearby formations. It's plausible the CP formed after the impact -- but if so, how?

The Crater Pyramid as seen by Viking. The circle highlights interesting "furrow" features.

In the original Viking image (above), the CP dominates the stark landscape and casts an elongated triangular shadow. Viewed in high-resolution, the CP appears less pyramidal and more conical. The sharp sides inferred from the Viking image are dull or nonexistent (as would be expected from natural formations and ancient artificial sites alike). Curiously, the prominent trailing shadow seems to be missing despite the low sun-angle.

High-resolution image of the Crater Pyramid.

As the tallest formation in the region, the CP appears out-of-place, but without confirming photos from different sun-angles it's difficult to assess the feature's relevance to the Artificiality Hypothesis. If the CP is artificial, we might expect conspicuous detail at increased resolutions. Moreover, new images are needed to evaluate the so-called rectilinear furrows, or "tunnels," seen marking a nearby crater. Properly imaged, these may cast light on the CP's origin.

Are we seeing an unusual hill or a derelict megastructure? Fortunately, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is presently en route to Mars, equipped with a camera capable of unprecedented four-centimeter resolution.

(For source imagery, click here.)

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