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Close-up of D&M Pyramid Released (Updated)

Malin Space Science Systems, acting upon a request by researcher Bob Harrison, has released the closest view yet of the D&M Pyramid. The image shows detail not visible in the previously released mosaic. As expected, the D&M reveals signs of heavy erosion.

Portion of the D&M imaged on behalf of Bob Harrison. Note unusual square feature in bottom-left of image.

Refer to Harrison's website for forthcoming enhancement and commentary.

Harrison's speculative reconstruction of the D&M's peak.

The Mars Global Surveyor's previous composite image of the D&M.

The central square-shaped formation visible here can be seen in the new, greatly enlarged image.

In Keith Laney's processed version of the D&M image, one can see two faint rectangular features neighboring the central square shown above. Both are composed of darker material than the surrounding southern facet. Intriguingly, the square-shaped feature to the right of the central square appears perforated. It's possible these apparent holes are obscured entrances of some kind, possibly vents or windows.


The "City": A Pleiadian Connection?

The Pleiades.

The Pleiades constellation has a venerable tradition among "New Age" media. Now an independent discovery suggests that the seven stars might be represented on the Martian surface. Lynsay Watson has noticed a number of correspondences between the Pleiades and the "City" area in Cydonia.

The City.

On her website, Watson provides a stimulating step-by-step examination of the proposed correspondences. While one's initial reaction may be to chalk up the City's resemblance to the Pleiades as wishful thinking, a careful look suggests otherwise.

Pyramids in Egypt shown next to three stars in the Orion constellation.

In a striking parallel, some Egyptologists think that the Giza Pyramids were emplaced to represent stars in the Orion constellation. Could a prior technological civilization on Mars have been motivated by a similar desire to reproduce the heavens? If borne out by further research, Watson's discovery could help frame the Martian enigmas in a cultural context.


Spirit Mars Exploration Rover Lands Successfully!

Spirit: ready for action.

Breaking coverage from JPL...

One of the first low-resolution glimpses from the Spirit landing site.

The Mars blog Martian Soil is providing excellent coverage of Spirit's landing. Definitely bookmark this one.

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