Mac's Sketch Gallery

Drawings and doodles by Mac Tonnies

Morose self-portrait (aka "The Man From Outta Town").

I'm a relentless doodler. I can't tolerate blank paper. Here is a small catalogue of various stuff that manifests from my subconscious, culled from my private archives. I think this gallery provides a decent representation of my drawings: aliens, strange men and women, unlikely machines, and other nonsense. For more images, see the Art Gallery.

Postapocalyptic scene.

Mechanical alien. Supposedly a government insider came across photos of the Roswell aliens under the curious heading "automation."

A digitally embellished version of the "mechanical alien" drawing. By Zak.

Left to right: Man muttering in binary code, stylized "alien," and tireless robot at work on keyboard.

Rejection. This would look good on a T-shirt.

Man wearing bowtie and flying saucer taking off near old man. Compare the fedora-wearing man's misshapen face to those on the next page.

Smoking man and old guy.

UFO interior scene. The articulated mechanical device in the background is--you guessed it--my approximation of an alien rectal probe.

Hoaky George Adamski-style mothership and interstellar craft seen heading toward an uncharted planet.

Spaceship concept sketch. I find myself drawing science fiction-influenced spacecraft quite often. This one is an exception to my endless armada of flying saucers.

A belligerent cigarette-smoking alien. Fact: many "abductees" smell cigarette smoke while in the presence of apparent aliens.

Wait! There's more!

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