Crash Retrievals and Area 51

Introduction: The "Silent Invasion" Scenario in a Nutshell

by Mac Tonnies

"In the councils of government, we must guard against unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist."

--Dwight D. Eisenhower

The 1980s and 1990s spawned once of the most satisfying mythologies of the 21st century. In essence, it goes like this:

The U.S. government has known that UFOs are alien craft since the late 1940s [actually, not totally impossible]. Formal contact with the aliens was established in the 1950s. Shortly thereafter a deal was struck between the government and the extraterrestrials: the aliens would be allowed to abduct citizens for research and experiments in exchange for technological information.

[Here the line of reasoning suffers a critical fracture: why would a starfaring (or dimension-hopping, depending on who you ask...) alien species need our government's permission to do anything? One would think it could do as it wished with impunity, much how we tag and research ants without bothering to "negotiate" with their representatives. While I don't necessarily preclude the idea of some form of official human-alien contact, the human-alien "deal" recounted in the Silent Invasion Myth strikes me as very questionable -- unless, of course, the ETs were simply staging the whole thing . . .]

It was supposed to work like this: the aliens would furnish the government with a list of their human abductees, never going over "quota." But soon the horrible truth became apparent: the aliens were abducting more than their legal share of unwitting humans! And to top it off, they were performing grotesque biological experiments with cattle and leaving their handiwork in plain view! How insolent! Moreover, some of the abductees weren't coming back...

[One naturally wonders if the government knew exactly what kind of "research" the aliens were up to when it signed its Faustian pact. Apparently the aliens duped the humans into thinking they were nothing more than benign interstellar anthropologists, free of ulterior motives.]

The brass panic. Although armed with some ET-derived technology (possibly including crashed alien vehicles such as the one allegedly discovered at Roswell, New Mexico), they realize they're no match for the aliens (or, as they are now known, the "Grays"). Pandora's Box has been unleashed.

Illustration by eWarrior.

But that's not all. You know those experiments the Grays have been up to? They're secretly creating a hybrid alien-human species adapted to terrestrial conditions. In other words: pod people! They're going to take over the goddamned planet!

But the Grays are a sympathetic bunch, in a way. They've destroyed their home planet through environmental abuse and direly need a fresh source of DNA to invigorate their gene-pool. That's where we come in.

[The basic idea here (i.e., impoverished aliens seeking to better their condition by invading another planet) is much the same as H.G. Wells' in "The War of the Worlds." Some say the issue is deeper than this, and suggest that the Grays are actually interested in the human spirit, as opposed to our genome. Many writers and close encounter "experiencers" have postulated that the Grays can transfer and manipulate souls about as easily as people change the oil in their cars. Some embrace this quasi-religious interpretation while others vehemently denounce it as "New Age" babble.]

In the meantime, UFOs continue to be seen. Some are human-piloted alien vehicles while others are ET. Abductions continue, as do cattle mutilations (or "mutes"): evidence that the Grays are still perfecting their "master race" of hybrids.

Where is this happening? According to a variety of leaked documents and insider testimony, the Grays have either built or taken over underground bases in the American Southwest, colonized the ocean floor, and constructed bases on the lunar farside in which to further their goals for planetary conquest. Invasion is imminent.

Further complicating things, an unknown government agency appears to be actively assisting the Grays (or is it the other way around?) during horrific kidnappings known as "MILABs" (for "military abductions"). Military personnel -- apparently the same crowd that tools around in unmarked black helicopters -- have supposedly been seen working with Grays in an unknown context. Is there an ultimate common agenda on behalf of the "hidden government" and our ET visitors?

[This is, of course, the "downer" version of the Gray mythos. Other variations exist, and in some of these the Gray aliens are seen as Christly figures helping to prepare the human race for impending ecological catastrophe.]

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Do your mind a favor and visit the homepage of Richard Dolan, author of the instant classic "UFOs and the National Security State." Dolan is one of the best thinkers in contemporary ufology, with an impressive grasp of history and a refreshing willingness to speculate.

Doomsday Guide: "The ultimate guide to the ultimate END!" Wow. Alien invasion or otherwise, this site's got it covered.

Peregrine Communications: Mysterious documents, stories of downed extraterrestrial craft and their spindly occupants . . . Cold War disinformation? Wish-fulfilling science fiction? Or is there a thread of reality to be found here?

The International UFO Museum and Research Center is the place to be if you happen to be in Roswell, New Mexico. The museum boasts kitschy artwork and exhibits exploring the alleged UFO crash, and serves as a hangout for local witness-celebrities (the discredited Glenn Dennis is co-owner). While not the academic institution it advertises itself to be, the IUFOMRC is certainly worth a look.

Interested in seeing what the "Roswell Incident" is all about? David Rudiak's Roswell Proof is one of the most thorough and well-presented cases for a UFO crash in 1947 on the Web.

Veteran ufologist Stan Friedman, one of the very first investigators of the "Roswell Incident" and author of two excellent books on the subject.

The so-called "alien interview" footage surfaced not long after the puzzling "autopsy" footage. Unlike the alien autopsy, the "interview" (or interrogation) involves a more recognizable large-eyed Gray alien. Perhaps the most unbelievable claim regarding the footage is the manner in which it was supposedly smuggled out of Area 51 by an enterprising employee.

The Black Vault is a wide-angle view of governmental dishonesty regarding the UFO phenomenon, as recorded again and again in Freedom of Information Act documents.

The 1965 Kecksburg, Pennsylvania crash is one of the most intriguing crash-recovery cases on record. There is no doubt that something highly unusual plummeted to earth and was recovered by the military under a veil of secrecy. If the incident involved downed Soviet space debris, as suggested by some researchers, why the continuing coverup?

Cartoonist Bill Griffith depicts Kecksburg's monument to the 1965 UFO incident.

Visit the Dreamland Resort, the "Online Home of the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, NV." (The Little A'Le'Inn is something of a ufological/paranoid mecca, where visitors can talk about the Trilateral Commission, Area 51 and flesh-eating gray aliens over coffee.)

Above Top Secret is a nicely done treasury of government conspiracy claims, replete with UFO theories and musings on underground military bases.

One of several photographs from an anonymous photo-drop. These surgeons are purportedly performing an autopsy or other medical procedure on alien biological remains.

Hundreds of alleged government documents puport to confirm the reality of the Roswell incident and the United States' decades-long coverup of an extraterrestrial presence in our midst. The Majestic Documents: Evidence That We Are Not Alone is an ambitious, intriguing site devoted to authenticating this mass of controversial new material and presenting it to the public. If this turns out to be the real thing, the history of the last fifty years will have to be rewritten. If it's not the real thing, then we're witnessing a disinformation campaign of epic proportions. Who's doing it and why?

The "alien" of the much-ridiculed "autopsy" footage.

British UFO researcher Philip Mantle maintains Beyond Roswell, a spin-off of his book of the same name.

"Control panels" from the "alien autopsy" film.

For my own perspective on the "alien autopsy," click here.

An identified flying object.

An alien, or Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, according to descriptions provided by the controversial Bob Lazar.

The elusive Bob Lazar's official site: a dense reference detailing his experiences at "S-4," a supersecret installation in Nevada where the government is supposedly reverse-engineering extraterrestrial spacecraft. Specifically, Lazar claims that the United States government (or an offshoot of it) has at least nine captured alien craft in its possession as well as an ongoing dialogue with spindly humanoids from the Zeta Reticuli star system. According to reports Lazar supposedly read while working at S-4, the extraterrestrials have played a significant role in the evolution of the human race and view us as "containers"--containers for what, exactly, Lazar doesn't know.

The questions raised by Lazar's testimony deserve careful attention. Were his experiences real? Is he lying outright, for profit and/or fame? Or is he a willing (or unwilling) disinformation agent out to muddy the waters about what really goes on at Area 51?

While Lazar has been found less-than-honest about his credentials, there is a chance his story contains pieces of a profoundly unsettling truth. In the meantime, it's worth reading his description of the alleged aliens' propulsion system and wading through the site's exacting computer graphics and animations.

Perhaps even more controversial than Bob Lazar is the late

UFO over Nellis Test Range.

Similar UFO taped over Brazil.

This bizarre "lobed" object (top) was

The Roswell UFO as envisioned by artist Bill McDonald.

Bill McDonald's AlienUFOart is an excellent collection of speculative art, with reconstructions of reported aliens and UFOs. McDonald's art served as the design for the downed extraterrestrial craft in the Showtime movie "Roswell." The "Roswell aliens" featured in McDonald's meticulous "forensic drawings" are based primarily on the debunked testimony of Frank Kauffman, who reported having assisted in recovering the Roswell wreckage.

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