Art Gallery

Featuring work by Zakas, eWarrior (Kurt Jonach) and Chris Joseph.

For my own drawings, see my Sketch Gallery.

This is me having my pineal gland extracted by an unseen nonhuman force. Portrait by Justin Pasieka.

Nice concept -- eat the lunchmeat and the cow cells impregnate your brain with a facsimile of my own. (Ironically, I'm vegetarian.) Anyway, pass the mustard. By Zakas.

MacBot Singularity. This is eWarrior's full-size version of the digitally "electrified" portrait found elsewhere on this site.

Think your blog passes muster? Zakas' Blogbot may disagree . . .

Here's a portrait of me rendered in the text of my story "Disintegration." Like a photomosaic, this is best viewed from a distance. By Chris Joseph.

An alternate rendering of MacBot Singularity. By eWarrior.

A digital "watercolor" based off the same photo that inspired eWarrior's other cybernetic portraits.

Me as Neo (?), based on a self-portrait. By eWarrior.

Untitled (but self-explanatory). By Zakas.

MacBot Singularity on display as an actual canvas ready for framing. eWarrior writes: "The 'Singularity' began as an all digital creation. At this stage, the 40x40 inch, wall-sized canvas has been printed out and tacked onto a wall. A protective spray coating has been applied to seal the ink. Next, the canvas will be stretched onto a frame. In this photo, the late afternoon sun lights the bottom of the canvas."

The finished product. (No home is complete without one.)

MacBot Singularity on display in California . . .

. . . in Starbucks . . .

. . . and shown in relation to its publication debut.

Radio host Art Bell rides a "customized" version of the "gastropod"-looking thing featured on my Mars site. By Zakas.

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