Sunday, October 18, 2009

Triptych #15

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Anonymous said...

"Oh where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?" --Paul Simon

No posts or twits for two days!

Hope nothing's wrong. Maybe just concentrating on your book?

Anonymous said...

Shoulda said/meant "tweets" above.

Anonymous said...

Since it's now been five days without any new posts or tweets from Mac, only thing I can think of is maybe his computer broke down.

Anonymous said...

Mac Tonnies passed away earlier in the week. Our condolences are with his family and friends in this time of grief.

Anonymous said...

I posted the first three anon msgs, above. Whoever posted the fourth, assuming this was some kind of stupid, sick joke, is very irresponsible to leave such a comment.

Since Mac has normally, in the past, noted when he's going out of town, however, it is really odd that he made no notice of planning to do so. And even if his computer was not working, I would assume, since I would guess his cellphone still works, that he would at least be tweeting.

If anyone knows what's going on, please post here. To my knowledge, Mac has never gone so many days without a blogpost or tweet before, especially without some notice he was traveling or otherwise going to be unavailable.

Anonymous said...

I assure you that I was not joking. I am a friend of Mac's and I know personally the situation. I would NEVER ever make a joke about such a serious thing. I just wanted those who were concerned to know. Im sorry that this has to be the medium used to let you know. But once again I would not disgrace Mac by making something up.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing this, but in lieu of any recent post or tweet from Mac, could you identify yourself, or at least provide some supplementary or basic explanatory information?

I've seen no posts or comments elsewhere on the net, or comments from other known friends of his such as Paul Kimball, Greg Bishop, or Nick Redfern, which I would have expected to make some comment or announcement before now if what you say is true. It is somewhat mysterious, I'll grant you. But until further info or proof is provided, I will withold further comment.

Anonymous said...

Do you have an AOL or MSN name? post that and Ill message you.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it appropriate to post my email address here, since I don't know who you are, and also don't want to be spammed, either. It seems you do not wish to identify yourself for some reason. Could you say why?

If your statements above are true, could you provide some information as to the circumstances of Mac's "death"? Has there been a published obituary anyone might be able to confirm by online link or that you could post as a comment here?

I emailed a couple of Mac's friends tonight, and one has already responded saying he knows nothing about what you have said.

If I hear nothing here more substantive, my next step will be to attempt to contact Mac's parents, whose address I have around here somewhere. Could you please be somewhat more forthcoming with at least some additional details about what you have stated above?

I don't claim to be a friend of Mac's, but I have spoken with him by phone, and we used to exchange email regularly, so I suppose you could say we were acquainted, at least. I also used to post comments here as "Intense," and I'm concerned at the almost total lack of information about Mac so far, as I'm sure many of his other friends and readers are also.

Anonymous said...

I work with Mac, he hasnt been to work in 4 days, I got concerned and contacted his family, they had not heard from him either. We went to his place at the same time the paramedics were there. I was the 2nd or 3rd person to know as I was there. Mac was a great person and this is a great loss. There is not currently an obituary because he was found this afternoon. In the next several days some of the people you mentioned above will become aware and then you can hear it from one of them. I worked with Mac everyday for the last year and I would honestly never ever do anything to disrespect or hurt him or his family.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us how he died?

Anonymous said...

I dont want to speculate as I did not see him, I was outside the door. Plus the family are the only people who really have the right to discuss that. I can say that it was not self inflicted and it was not a criminal act. I just really want to show respect to Mac and his family and thats really all the details I am comfortable of giving out as there are still a lot of people who dont know.

Intense said...

Well, thank you for that. Frankly, due to the lack of posts and tweets, and without notice he might be either traveling or busy with something else, I began to worry on Tuesday something might have happened to him, due to the lack of his usually frequent communications.

Can you pass on to his family condolences from his readership, and that, when appropriate, could someone from his family please post here whatever further information or obituary they feel is proper? I also wonder about the disposition of his laptop computer and notes, as he had set a goal for himself of presenting a first draft of his book, "The Cryptoterrestrials" to Anomalist Books for sometime in early November.

It is a terrible tragedy that this project was only a week or two away from apparently being submitted. I would hope that someday, as Mac was such a fine writer, that we who followed his blog and other writings would have the opportunity to see and read what he wrote in this regard.

Assuming now that what you say is true, I find myself at a loss, and am deeply saddened by Mac's passing. His was one of the more thoughtful and brighter minds involved in discussing and intelligently considering the ufo phenomenon, what it might represent, and where from and who "the others" might be. He will be sorely missed. This is terrible news.

Justin said...

Intense: Have you confirmed this story with Mac's parents?

Intense said...

No, as having only learned about this late yesterday evening, I haven't had the chance as yet to locate the note I made well over a year ago with Mac's parents' address, let alone try to contact them to confirm what Mac's apparent co-worker (at the coffee shop Mac was employed at as a barrista) has stated above. Assuming this story is true, Mac was only found deceased yesterday afternoon [at the moment it is 1:30 am, west coast time, Friday, Oct. 23rd, for reference--blog comments are time stamped two hours later, as Mac was located in Missouri, on Central Time].

If I can locate his parents address in my paperwork, I will try to find out if they have a listed phone number, and attempt to contact them. It might be best to wait a couple days, at least, considering the circumstances.

I'm hoping that the co-worker who initially reported this turn of events in comment #4, above, will be able and willing to provide some further detail as he feels appropriate.

I left a message on Mac's home phone answering machine with my name, phone number, and email address, expressing condolences, and made a request that someone from the family contact me when appropriate so that his friends and readers may hopefully learn something more about this situation and the circumstances of his passing.

When I know more that is relevant, I will pass on the information here in this thread. That's all I can say for now.

ninni said...

ths must be a joke

ninni said...

Well, all his friends say its not a joke

Anonymous said...

Ballardian Don't know how to say this, except with terrible sadness: my friend @mactonnies has died: . Goodbye, Mac.

Anonymous said...

Paul Kimball said...

Nick Redfern informed me earlier this evening that my dear friend Mac has indeed passed away.

Greg Bishop writes:

I am shocked and saddened beyond belief. Mac and I had plans to do so many things, including a feature film that I wrote based on the play "Doing Time" we co-wrote, as well as a television series with Nick and Greg.

He had so much more to do, and to give, but today and in the days to come I'll focus on the memories of the stuff he did get a chance to do, the laughs we shared, and the good times we had.


Anonymous said...

aorry to hear...

eli said...

This was a Special Guy!

stephan said...

Have a happy Afterlife!

ninni said... Good Trip

Red Pill Junkie said...

Gracias, Mac. Have a safe journey home.

If someone has the right to find the answers to the mysteries of the Universe, is him. I hope he does.

Henry Baum said...

RIP, Mac. Maybe you're hanging out with John Mack and everything's now answered.

Joshua S. Fouts said...

We will miss you dearly, Mac. Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Very sad to learn of the death of @mactonnies. Whip-smart young Fortean surrealist dudes are too thin on the ground to begin with. says William Gibson....

twitter search mactonnies

a lot of friends said...

kcotae said...

What a shock to hear of Macs death. I can hardly believe it. I'm really gonna miss him.

Intense said...

Yes, Mac's death is a real shock. He seemed to be in the prime of life with great prospects. I don't know much more than I did last night, and have decided not to try to contact his parents for at least the next several days, as they will need time to grieve in private, and don't need anyone bothering them with further inquiries right now. I'm simply very sad about this turn of events.

I don't know anything about whether he really finished his CT draft, if it was in publishable form, or if Anomalist Books will end up publishing it or not. I still think, regardless of being an unedited, draft manuscript, it would be nice if it did someday appear in some form, as a book or on the net, but that is up to others to decide.

The Daily Grail has published a kind of tribute or eulogy, with links, at:

I too will miss Mac a great deal. His unexpected death just goes to show how fragile life can be. We should all try to live life to the fullest, as none of us know when it might, one day, be gone.

Anonymous said...

Just a followup to my post yesterday, Mac was found in his bed having passed away peacefully in his sleep. The family is not having a public service or visitation. I am sorrowed that Mac's life was cut short but now know that it was a peaceful departure and now all of his questions have been answered.

Emperor said...

I'm shocked and saddened by the news - it is a great loss. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Look out for us down here won't you Mac.

Sleazy Snake said...


I've felt like I have known Mac through his blog and writings.

What a shame for someone so young to have to leave so soon.

The world will miss you Mac Tonnies

eyemage said...

oh mac....
i will miss your insight and intelligence...

i hope now you know the answers to all the questions we have been looking for.

i will miss you.

Alexx said...

You will be missed Mac. Go in peace.

stevepill said...

Mac, we will miss you.

! said...

yeah, Come back

Anonymous said...

My condolences to the family. I have followed this blog for years, and feel like I too have lost a piece of my life.


Anonymous said...

I don Understand how all the other Blogs Continue and His' doesnt?

Patrick said...

I first contacted Mac after reading his clear-headed, remarkably balanced, but still full-of-wonder website on Martian anomalies, The Cydonian Imperative. I found him to be an original thinker and a terrific writer. At the time, I was the editor of Paraview Pocket Books, published by Simon & Schuster, and offered Mac a contract to write a book on the subject which became After the Martian Apocalypse. I saw Mac as a writer with a brilliant future and did my best to encourage him. Unfortunately, there will be no more quirky blog posts, stark photographs, or trenchant observations from Mac Tonnies anymore. He had promised to deliver his manuscript to us at Anomalist Books at the beginning of November and I will do my best to get his final work published. Mac is now posthuman, no doubt wandering among the stars from which he came. And I, along with his many friends, have a terrible case of the blues.

mister ecks said...

This is I am shocked and deeply saddened by this news. Mac will be greatly missed.

Anonymous said...

oh Patrick..that was nice!

br3nt said...

you will be missed, mac

Jayar said...

Goodbye Mac. We never met, but I felt as though I knew you all the same. Thanks for everything.


Jonah said...

Mac posted a few days back about an iPhone app called the "Universe Splitter". In the comment I posted, I noted "it really works". Unfortunately, as I've continued to split the Universe in the hopes of finding myself in one in which this tragic event has not occurred, I'm am finding it doesn't work as well as I thought. I will however, keep trying.

See you on the other side Mac.

BTW - I do know he is still with us in some mysterious way as the Captcha for this post was "blues".

My deepest condolences to those who called Mac either family or friend.


Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Dear Tonnies Family and Friends,
In case you weren't on Twitter yesterday and today, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how special Mac was to me. While we only met 2x and spent maybe a total of 6+ hours together out in the real world, he was a daily presence in my life with this Tweets and his blog.

I am horrified that you had to find him in his apartment, and that he went several days before discovery, he deserved better than that. He deserved to live until the day he could finally be uploaded into a computer or the Mothership landed (which ever came first), but Irony is a cruel motherfucker.

I've seen it out here in the Ether, that dozens, if not hundreds of living, breathing souls are mourning your loss which becomes our loss. And that's the downside of e-friendships and relations: We want to rally to your side, but we are scattered to the four-corners, across the time zones, and most of us can't be there to hug you and provide physical comfort in your bleakest of hours, All we can do is send you our love and support as best we can by honoring Mac with our own rituals, remembrances and tears and hope they are enough.

Mac was a (post)singular mind with a big heart that was able to encompass the dichotomy of the weaknesses and cruelties of human society (which I believe baffled, frustrated and sickened him) with the hope that we could unlearn our suicidal tendencies and make the next big technopowered jump in conscious and physical evolution. He had big ideas, that guy.

He will be missed by many, many people who regret not getting the chance to meet Mac and talk heady, futuristic mumbo jumbo. I do believe he did left a big enough footprint in the world (not unlike the crop circles he loved), that will keep his name remembered forever.

Love Cap'n Marrrrk Plattner

Kartott said...

Mac, perhaps somehow, somewhere, you are reading your comments here.

Know that your friends love you and miss you terribly, though we will meet again some "day".

Wishing you joy on your new journey,

Kate Sherrod said...

I've written sonnets for Mac before in the past and he's gotten a kick out of them. This one came out moments after I got the news, at about 2 a.m. Friday.

Mac Tonnies, how I longed one day to meet
And talk with you directly. I've admired
Your books and blog and links. Your ev'ry tweet
Brought strange new wonders. You knew you'd inspired
A lot of my big project. I'm so glad
I told you this and shared with you my plans
Which you refined and cheered on. Now, well, "sad"
Is quite inadequate. Among your fans
Your voice, it will be missed - by ev'ry one
Who wants to take enigmas with more than
A grain of salt and not make woo-woo fun
But really try improving the slight span
Of knowledge that we have of what's beyond.
I'm devastated, Mac, that you are gone.

Mike Clelland! said...

Try and understand this, but I needed Mac to reassure me that I wasn't delusional or insane. He got some desperate calls from me, late at night, during my moments of darkness. He was enormously supportive of me and my confusing issues.

A little over a week ago he called me out of the blue. We would occasionally have ridiculously long talks about UFOs and the paranormal. This was the first time he ever called me. We talked for about 3 hours (as usual). I shared some deeply personal stuff, and he was supportive and humorous.

Mac and I never met in person, but I considered him a close friend.

Anonymous said...

mad world

Katie said...

I didn't know Mac that well, but Cap'n Marrrrk did a wonderful tribute.

Mac always struck me as being a gentle old soul, and I can only hope that he's found all the answers to the questions he asked in this life.

I miss you, Hunny...godspeed...

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Beautiful Katie, just beautiful.

Chris Wren said...

Rest in peace Mac. Thank you for all the encouragement and inspiration over the years.

Michael Garrett said...

I don’t know what will eventually happen to the data contained here or how long the site will be accessible via this web address, so even before those questions are answered I wanted to offer a final comment.

Mac, the news of your passing came so suddenly and so shockingly I still don’t have words to describe my feelings. I tried to imagine if I had one last chance to say something to you, what it would be.

I stumbled into Posthuman Blues a few years back while searching for intelligent life in the universe. I found it, or I should say I found you here. Each day since then I have returned to this site over coffee each morning. You have never disappointed. I am fortunate to have had you call me a friend and my life has been made richer in the process. So if I had only one thing I could say to you now it would be thanks. Thanks for being you, thanks for being here, thanks for everything my friend, just… thanks for everything!

“I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain.”

Farewell Mac Tonnies, farewell…
Michael Garrett

nate said...

So long Mac. You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Aa You guys make one cryi

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Mac, didn't know you but was a regular visitor. I hope all the stuff here can get archived somehow.


Greg Bishop said...

I couldn't bring myself to return to the site until today, so I'm late to the comments. So many heartfelt posts. Just goes to show how many people he touched.

Goodbye, Mac.

Paul Kimball said...

My immediate tribute to mac:

As I wrote on my Facebook page:

"I'll always believe in Mac Tonnies. He trusted in his calling, and made sure it was true. He changed the fault lines, and he changed me, as he changed so many others."

He was one of my closest friends, and there was so much more we had talked about doing. One of those things is a feature film based on the play we co-wrote, "Doing Time," which will be going into production in 2010. I'm sorry he won't see it made, but he'll be part of it, heart and soul, intellect and ideas.

I will always feel his absence as much as I do today.

See you again someday, Mac.


Ian Milliss said...

Just found out, this is so sad, our few communications gave me a great respect for his interesting mind and I hoped one day we might meet up. A real loss, there seemed so much more still to come.

Anonymous said...

I have the posthuman blues...

Realizing how Mac will no longer be providing dispatches from a world on the cusp of terminal dissolution...

...tears in rain...

Silver Lining said...

I cannot as yet say how I know, due to some pending legal and rights issues, but am very pleased to note that I believe Mac's book, "The Cryptoterrestrials: Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us" will see publication in early 2010 from Anomalist Books.

Mac's final legacy of this upcoming book will allow his memory to live on!

Particleion said...


The only blogger in this field I was quite fond of...

linus r. said...

well I guess ALL of us Tonnies fans are somewhere between here and Mars anyway....

Gareth said...

I hope you have all the answers now Mac.

kennb said...

See you on the other side Mac.... I look forward to having you show me around this strange new place when i get there.... I cannot think of anyone more qualified.

Gods Speed my friend....

mad30 said...

Mac, spinning PORTISHEAD'S 'THIRD' and tipping a beer just for you my friend. Though we weren't super close, I always enjoyed the discussions we had, and will be eternally grateful that I got to interview you last year and thank you for the support. We'll all do our best to keep your memory and research alive, and I sincerely hope that 'THE CRYPTOTERRESTRIALS' indeed gets released and is a smash success, perhaps helping to spark a new field of endeavor that the "disclosure community" so desperately needs. You were super cool Mac, and a hell of a dedicated and entertaining blogger... you will be sorely missed.

JR said...

I'm still in disbelief even as I write this. I know you're walking those Martian shores tonight, and smiling at every grain of sand.

We will all miss you.

Until we meet again,

now what said...

parteicleion..yes, thats truth. hi made the subject and it Became..interesting for otherwise not interested piple

Anna Nachesa said...

Shocking, untimely, unfair. Good-bye, twitter friend. I am so sorry we didn't talk more. Good-bye.

ThK said...

Many people will remember him, its the same over here in Germany. Doktorsblog and Kueperpunk blogposted on Mac. He left a mark not only with his blog. I hope for him there is a posthuman life, that he will experience now.

fengleton said...

I see there's a report in a Kansas Newspaper's blog section about Mac's passing.

I'll miss you Mac...

Irish Lion said...

I was aaked to post this on behalf of Mac's parents ------

The overwhelming response received regarding the loss of our son, Mac Tonnies, is very much appreciated. He could never understand our not owning a computer or being internet savvy, but our friends are making sure we see all of your postings.

We spent what was to be the last day of his life together having morning coffee at a favorite neighborhood bakery, which was our weekly custom. He put a note in the suggestion box that day; “Fix your espresso machine!”

Mac was a unique person who will always be in our hearts. Thank you for all of your kind words.

Bob and Dana Tonnies
Independence, MO

geWendy said...

(maby) it was the coffee..noo.
im just upset. Thank you..Mcs Parents for these words.
Had to be great to learn more about Him.
How he was as a kid...well we already know of a small actor. Was there any other did it start with the ufos. The college was not nice, i remember

Mike Clelland! said...

I'm heart broken.Mac was a brilliant thinker, very funny and a beautiful speaker. I was crying in a coffee shop in Moab utah when I heard the awful news.

Try and understand this, but I needed Mac to reassure me that I wasn't delusional or insane. He got some desperate calls from me, late at night, during my moments of darkness. He was enormously supportive of me and my confusing issues.

A little over a week ago he called me out of the blue. We would occasionally have ridiculously long talks about UFOs and the paranormal. This was the first time he ever called me. We talked for about 3 hours (as usual). I shared some deeply personal stuff, and he was supportive and humorous.

Mac and I never met in person, but I considered him a close friend.

The Odd Emperor said...

- About all I can say is

Curae leves loquuntur ingentes stupent.

(Slight griefs talk, great ones are speechless.)

Fair thee well.

Sude said...

Sad to hear about Mac leaving us so abruptly. He left a permanent link on all of us he touched.

agent zee said...

I'm so shocked to hear mac has passed - condolences to all his loved ones and mac I hope you have all the answers now.

BizzareWarstar said...

my deepest condolences to Mac's family and friends. take care all.

Joshua S. Fouts said...

@ritajking to whom Mac sent his last tweet on October 18, has produced this video in remembrance of her friendship with Mac. She asked me to share it with you in this forum.

Anonymous said...

This is still a Place to a desert Beautifull. I ll be here on these pages

Patrick said...

If Nadia "Dia" Sobin reads this, or if someone knows how to contact her, please reach me through Anomalist Books. Mac wanted to use her artwork for the cover of his book and we have no current contact information for her.

JP said...

I enjoyed reading Posthuman Blues regularly and also enjoyed Mac's book...If Cryptoterrestrials ever gets published I'll buy it without a second thought. Rest in peace Mac, you'll be missed.

Intense said...

Email with her contact information just sent to you, Patrick.

Will said...

Too young. Perhaps he got a smile out of his post-life observations, but nonetheless, I am sad about his loss. I thought I heard a few notes of "Bladerunner Blues" last night as I drifted off to bed, after reading of his death. I'd like to think he was broadcasting that to his mourners in homage to his Posthuman Blues (and his love of the film!).

I wonder, also -- and this is a more morbid question I expect, but the mind wonders -- if that chair he tweeted about prompted his heart arrhythmia to act up later that night. He didn't mention if it was a heavy chair that he rescued from the dumpster, but I hate to think that a heavy chair versus a thin man may have been the cause.

...Amiva said...

why he was so far away from everything, why did he have so difficult life..?

Portland Magician said...

I love the Posthuman Blues blog.

I'll still be coming back to re- read it.

Intense said...

In an attempt at trying to help relieve concerns and answer some of the perplexing questions that have come up regarding how or what Mac died from, I should note, having spoken earlier this week to his mother, Dana, that she told me that Mac apparently had some underlying heart problems.

She mentioned that once, many years ago in high school, Mac had complained about a racing or fast-beating heart, which made him feel somewhat faint. She took him to a doctor, but the diagnostic tests done then did not indicate any obvious or continuing physiological heart or circulatory disease.

Then, about a year ago, Mac again complained that his heart seemed to be going through irregular beats, and intermittently racing faster than normal, which made him feel tired and light-headed, and Dana again drove him to another doctor who ran an EKG on him, which did show somewhat anomalous results.

She said the doctor told Mac that if he didn't know better, the first EKG results alone would seem to indicate he might have had a mild heart attack. Since Mac, when he subsequently underwent additional tests, including extensive treadmill stress testing, did not show further symptoms or problems after the initial EKG, and the later tests seemed to show he was fine, I'm guessing Mac and his mom thought or were advised it was probably a relatively benign, anomalous incident that didn't require further concern, as Mac seemed quite healthy otherwise, got plenty of exercise from walking a lot, was a vegetarian, and the doctor could find nothing wrong after the further testing.

It seems probable in retrospect that his intermittent heart problems may have, over time, led to some accumulated heart muscle damage leading up and finally causing his passing after the arrhythmia symptoms recurred.

I don't know if perhaps his liking for strong espresso, diet, the possible strain from his day job while also trying to complete his book by his proposed deadline of November 1st, or other factors, could have contributed to what apparently was a heart attack, but I've read a couple references on the net that in the few weeks prior to his passing, he again had heart palpitations on a few occasions, and had at times recently felt fatigued or dizzy once more.

Since his last tweet was at 7:49 pm on Sunday, October 18th, which was earlier than he usually concluded sending out tweets or posting to his blog, I can only assume or speculate that he might have felt tired earlier than usual, and because he had to work the next day, might have retired to bed earlier than usual for him.

So, to help put aside some of the more morbid or conspiratorial things I've seen on the net recently, it seems that due to Mac's underlying prior inconclusive history of occasional heart symptoms, the actual nature or seriousness of which may have been mistakenly ascribed by Mac or others to hard work, long hours, maybe too much coffee, or other mundane stress factors and thus overlooked, most likely he simply had an overfibrillated heart attack in his sleep either that night or the following morning, as he was found later that week in bed.

I know it's hard to understand or accept that someone so bright and relatively young could die so abruptly and unexpectedly (and due to the timing, with his book about to be submitted, arousing some suspicions in certain quarters), and with him showing such great promise, it's also hard to wrap one's mind around his sudden absence, but now that you know a bit more about his previously unrecognized serious heart problems, it hopefully will be a little less difficult to let him finally go. It was an unfortuanate but "natural" death, IMHO.

I couldn't believe it at first myself, as some of my initial comments above show, but after having talked to his mom, and learning more about what I have noted above, I find it no less saddening that Mac is gone, but at least more understandable, and I now accept it. I will truly miss him, and what he potentially would have done. He was a real contender. May he happily wander among the stars...

Anonymous said... his appartment was always cooooold

Anonymous said...

Thanks Intense for your careful and thorough handling of the subject; it's greatly appreciated.

Michael Garrett

We Come In Peace!... said...

Ack, Aaaack! Mars Attacks! Don't click on the url noted just above--it's a fucking spam site that wants to run a potentially unsafe app, supposedly Windows media player, but you never know.

If Mac were around, he'd damned sure delete this crap, along with the nonsensical comments, and spam from the likes of "Jeff" and "Vijay" etc.

*Sigh* Welcome to the Wild, wild, web. I guess that inevitably, now that this blog is on permanent stasis, this thread, in a Ballardian way, may be overcome with the weeds of spam in the garden of coherent thought.

Does anyone know how or could provide links to how one may be able to archive/backup to a hard drive with enough space an entire 6 1/2+ year blog like Mac's, including all the links, pix, vids, and comments? There ought to be some way, just in case blogger/google takes it down someday, hopefully not soon.

Please help, if you know how. This blog is an essential part of Mac's legacy and mindspace/work.

I'd like to have a copy to peruse the first few years I've never gone back to read, if possible. I tried plugging the web url here into's wayback machine, but only a very limited, partial copy of this blog has been archived there.

Henry Baum said...

Blurb's blog to book could turn the archive into a book:

"Imports and maps blog text, images, comments, and links into professionally designed page layouts."

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Thanks Intense for your update and information. We really appreciate you taking the time to research and and type this up for us.

A week's gone by and I am still shocked and saddened, though very happy of the love and support shown by Mac's friends and family.

We come in Peace I'm in the process of doing a site rip as I type this and it looks like I'll get it all. The question is...Then What?

Anonymous said...

no comments for the pics of this last that a small mic jackson?

yeh Thank You captain for the rip

Anonymous said...

Triptych #15 Haiku

still smiling robot
mannequin hand shoots from sand
smog masks ride scooter

dia said...

i am just coming out of a shock-induced stupor. like a small child i keep asking no one in particular: "why won't he answer my emails?" life and death in cyberspace... the virtual nightmare.

i want to thank those of you who have posted here and those of you who have attempted to contact me in the past few days. blessed be to mac and those who love him. bodies expire; love doesn't.

i took down my araqinta site this past year for various reasons, fully intending to resurrect it but never having the time. in ways i feel as if i let mac down because so many of the images were either inspired by him or created for him and PHB. haunted by this, i actually opened a google account last night and started a memorial page to mac - and only he would know how ironic this is - intending to resurrect some of the images that have appeared on PHB in the past few years. i have no idea what i'm doing, so bear with me.

were this only some innovative halloween prank.

missing mac.

peace out,

Gareth said...

Thanks for the information Intense.

I copy/pasted your post and posted it in a thread devoted to Mac on the p/cast forums.

I hope that is ok.

If not, reply here (I check it every couple days) and I will remove it.



linus r. said...

well here we are.... biological life on Earth....
I certainly do not subcribe to it.... (I'd rather be with the Martians any day)....

Katie said...

Thank you for the information Intense. In a way it's somehow comforting to know that he passed quickly and quietly into the next realm.

Intense said...

No, I don't mind if others post my summary of Mac's health issues elsewhere, although from a creative commons copyright perspective, it would be nice if a footnote as to the source here and/or linkback be provided for those who may not know of the PHB blog or the tributes and commentaries about Mac here for those interested.

Intense said...

Thanks for your kind words, Cap'n Marrrrk, and others above, and you are all more than welcome. I just thought some summary of Mac's last days, and how they ended, was an appropriate thing to do for those who had any lingering doubts or questions about Mac's demise.

M.K. Ultra said...

the universe is strange

Michael Garrett said...

Triptych#15 has taken on a life of its own.

If you're looking for something to pick you up a bit, I suggest reading a little Mac. Greg, over at the Daily Grail has posted the essay "The Ancients are Watching" that Mac contributed to Darklore Vol. 2. It is online for all to read.

I think it hints at the crypto book yet to come and I can clearly hear Macs voice as I read it.

The word verification for this post was "rholyhe", jeez that's a little creepy for Halloween.

Michael Garrett

Will said...

There used to be a plug-in for Firefox called Spiderzilla, which would download an entire website. But it isn't being developed anymore. With it being November 1st, and without knowing whether Posthuman Blues was paid monthly or yearly, the blog may vanish at any moment. So if you have the skills, please save it.

Gareth said...

There will be a special episode of the Paracast w/ some of Macs friends airing in a few hours.

And I just read that Greg Bishop is doing a Radio Misterioso show with Paul Kimball & Nick Redfern.

Just FYI in case anyone reading this wasn't aware of those shows.

Anonymous said...

There is a plaque commemorating Mac Tonnies in Second Life at the Remembering Our Friends Memorial:

Anonymous said...

The Posthuman Blues blog is on, which is a free blog hosting site owned by Google ... so I don't think it's in immediate danger of disappearing.

Anonymous said...

Was anyone here who tried to listen to the Radio Misterioso show via able to hear it? No matter what I tried, I could not get the streaming audio to play.

I thought I might be able to listen to it in a day or two from now, but there's a note on that their recent archives aren't available due to some unknown server problem. Kinda frustrating. I wonder if the show occurred or not. Anyone know?

ninni said...

@mactonnies - just came back from the coffee shop. Mac's ashes have been spread around the grounds of Kauffman Garden here in KC.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible loss for his family and friends.

I've been visiting this blog for a couple years of and on, always finding his outlook on the universe and the big questions we ask ourselves to be insightful and refreshing.

Best wishes to his loved ones.

David in Scotland.

gW said...

yes, insightful and refreshing. we ll have his books and writings..talks..
and a beautiful memory.

Carol Maltby said...

While Mac's PostHuman Blues blog is hosted on a free site, his earlier website The Cydonian Imperative is at (which he kept as archives when his attention shifted over to PHB).

That domain name is paid up until next fall, but the hosting of it (and renewal of the domain name) most likely is on a credit card, which Bob and Dana have probably canceled. So the survival of the information there, including a lot of his important Mars commentary, is a lot more precarious than the material on his blog.

Bob and Dana, as Mac's next of kin, will hold the copyrights to his work. They will need to be brought up to speed about what their options are regarding Mac's written legacy, and how it will be maintained. Has anyone talked with them about this yet?

Mac may have material in his files (both digital and paper)that would be of interest to others and shouldn't be thrown out (such as correspondence with other writers).
He may have accumulated a library of good science fiction and other material that might have some decent monetary value, now or in the future.

I hope they have not wiped his computer. I have been trying to reach JJ Mercieca regarding the Yahoo Cydonia list which Mac had been moderator of for the past few years, so that we can turn over the
post to one of the regulars who has volunteered to take over. But Mac and JJ were the only two admins.

These questions are not just for Bob and Dana Tonnies -- many of you reading this are writers with an active web presence, and you need to think of these issues regarding your own online activities.

Carol Maltby

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Hi Carol.

I've already downloaded both PHB & The idea is to host them elsewhere on the "just because" principle. Even though blogspot is free, who knows what will happen one day in the future. I plan on contacting the Tonnies family this week about getting a Creative Commons Copyright for Mac's work on both sites.

I don't know about file rescue, but I'll ask about it when I talk to them. I'm willing to head up a data rescue if no one else in the KC area can.

I'm also on a mission to download the movies and videos he linked to, because those are definitely temporary, and it would suck to have a post and commentary with the video context.

That's all I know for now.

Anonymous said...

wau! good work, Captain! I knew that U are a special one

dia said...

I'm really grateful that efforts are being made to save Mac's online presence. It ensures a type of immortality - one that we can safely assume he'd appreciate. Thanks, Cap'n Marrrk!

BTW, if anyone visiting "Area 18" is looking for another place to touch base about Mac, please come visit me.
It is not, as some might assume, a place for my own self-promotion nor is it any variety of commercial blog. I have never done graphic work "for hire" and my artwork has never been for sale.
If Mac Tonnies had never existed, nor would have "araqinta"

Sorry guys, just needed to say that...

Anonymous said...

My sincerest condolences to Mac's friends and family. He was a truly extraordinary person and will be greatly missed.

Does anyone know what has happened to his beloved cats, Spook and Ebe? I read somewhere that they were taken to a shelter - please tell me that's not true.

Anonymous said...

Mac, you inspired me. You will be missed.


sending. said...

Anonymous interested about havink Spooky and Eve..if you make this question, then maby you can help?

Thank Uuu] said...

As I see it" This inspiration will Continue"...

Anonymous said...

mysterious universe on this Tonnies

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of Mac's passing. --Mike

Anonymous said...

Good luck & Godspeed to you & your family.


Anonymous said...

@mactonnies cats were taken to this shelter.

Anonymous said...

Spooky and Ebe , without mother and father, maby theyll make it

Stacie said...

I posted before about Mac's cats Spook & Ebe. Still trying to track them down.. I can't keep them myself but would gladly foster them til I could find them a permanent home.

Mac loved his cats, and sadly they've been lost in the shuffle it seems.

gW said...

Id be Happy to read a Mac Tonnies story, a a book. That would be the first one for me. Stories about his childhood, the mind, the theories..beautiful all together!

Anonymous said...

Greg Bishop did a net radio show with Nick Redfern and Paul Kimball that was somewhat more upbeat than the Paracast show on the life of Mac Tonnies.


ninni said...

Mac Tonnies was too much near to the Truth. he Had to did Terence Kenna and his library

Anonymous said... more radioprograms by Mac

Particleion said...

Has anyone noticed how his banner changed to him "exiting" earth/reality before all this..

I wonder what a pattern recognition program will discover about the order of his blog post up until now.

It's all just very strange.. I will study this further

dia said...

note to Particleion: the masthead currently up on PHB is actually one of a series that he posted sequentially in an "endless loop". I'll be posting all 8 of them at once at some point in the near future, which hopefully will clear things up for you!

Anonymous said...

Floored. Pointless, misguided dreams of a shy girl to meet the one she has crushed on for years. No hope now of turning those dreams into reality. The tragic loss of his brilliant mind and life will haunt me forever.

magnidude said...

Good bye, Mac. I was just an ordinary reader throwing in a right-wing comment once or twice to spice up the discussion. PHB was one of the first blogs I've started to read on a more or less regular basis, coming here through the ways of Cydonia Imperative a few years ago. I will miss it.

Right now I'm listening to "The Birth and Death of the Day" by Explosions In the Sky and thinking of you. Safe travels, Mac.

JP said...

We'll miss you Mac.

Anonymous said...

NASA finds lots'a water. So let's go!

thinking of you Mac...

Michael Garrett

Anonymous said...

Ah fuck! What a terrible way to start my day.

Too young, so much yet to do. Yet fuckers like Limbaugh and Orielly live to a ripe old age. Proof enough that there is no God in the classical sense. Good enough reason to pursue a Posthuman cause.

Mac, I hope you're still out there. I hope you're flying through the cosmos untethered. If your intellect vanished into the vacuum...well, that's a great loss. I'll miss your level headed perspective and the doorways you opened for me and my mind.

Here's hoping that all of your causes are vindicated, all secrets are revealed.


gW said...

No intellect ever vanished neither this beautiful heart

.. said...

haha, Michael Garrett!

dallas dwi lawyer said...

That hand out of the sand is an awesome, a little disturbing piece, but still a great photo.

Great stuff.

Atrueoriginall said...

Still missing Mac something horrible

Cap'n Marrrrk said...


Indeed. I'm right there with you. Making headway in archiving PHB.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to whoever made the memorial in Second Life its very nice!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for our loss of Mac. I truly looked forward to his unique perspective and the treasures he would find across the net.

purrlgurrl said...

Mac, I miss you. You touched more lives than you could have imagined. Sleep peacefully, sweet prince.

Anonymous said...

After 1 MINUTE! Just shut up for a second. Wait ... Mac, If you can hear me .. I said WAIT! .. Mac .. Mac, if you can hear me I'll see you on the next go around. Sorry to make it all sort and sweet but you know - Its all Sunrise and Sunset. The God Damn Fucking Sunrise. What?! Wai .. I'm tring to talk with someone here. No. ... No ... Wha.. What time is it? ... Just hit snooze for me will yea.

Atrueoriginall said...

Cap'n Marrrrk - I remember when Mac discovered Karin Dreijer Andersson some time back and posted her video. I too had never heard of her but adored that video and the song. I then incorporated the video into a true story about Gail Ettenger who was an Ike Hurricane victim.

Whenever you want to remember Mac, listen to this video, you'll feel him.

What Else Is There?

susan said...

The day after Mac didnt post, it was 19th to 20 October I thought either hes in Love or ..dead

fengleton said...

I still cannot accept that Mac has left us... I have a contact in the afterlife, so I'm gonna see if he can talk to Mac and find out how is on the other side.

Anonymous said...

Thats a good idea! Tell us after...! fengletoon Posted by: Loren Coleman fuq 24 Ottubru, 2009 Għaliex ċerti nies imutu hekk żgħażagħ, u aħna kollha tisma hija li ħalliena ta ' "kawżi naturali"? Il żewġ biċċiet ta 'informazzjoni ma jikkomputa. Tonnies Mac, 34, preżenza intellettwali li qed jogħlew fl Fortean ħsieb, il-"Posthuman Blues" blogger, u l-awtur tal-ktieb li jmiss, l-Cryptoterrestrials (Kotba Anomalist, tentativament 2010), ikun telaq dan il-pjan. Huwa nstab mejjet fl-appartament tiegħu wara nofsinhar il-ħamis 22 Ottubru, 2009. Rapporti i ...

Anonymous said...

Who cares.

Kal Korff

Anonymous said...

We do Care. Posthuman Christmas time for Everybody. Those without body and in general.

I have made a statue of this beautiful Tonnies

Artyom Diogtev said...

I wish Mac can keep posting from the other side...

Atrueoriginall said...

Awww, I think we all want that Artyom

vikki said...

Nice touch in second life, I hadn't long discovered mac before he passed and the more I see of his work the more I know we lost some serious talent. RIP

Nate Fishturn said...

Miroir, rêves et combats

alls well said...

ohhoh!! hi Mac

good resurruction.. said...

Life is a Hoax. Anyway

Anonymous said...

Existentialists believe that life is absurd, and has no purpose. Mac! you were wrong! anyway, existentialism was just an Interest

Anonymous said...

Still missing you Mac. Get in touch if you can brother!


Anonymous said...

Atrueoriginall said...

Thanks for that Anonymous - that's right up Mac's alley.

michael garrett said...

That's why I posted it! When I think of Burroughs I think of Mac.

Atrueoriginall said...

Here's one of Mac's favs

Here's one of Mac's favs

fengleton said...

I've had no luck at all with contacting Mac on the "other side" My "contact" tells me it may be because Mac has unfinished business on earth. Maybe his death wasn't as "natural" as we've been led to believe? Or maybe Macs just finding it hard to break free of his earthly ties.

Blue Sky Hunter said...

Rest in peace, Mac. Wish I had gotten to know you better. You are missed.

Anonymous said...

I still miss Mac. Truly.

michael garrett said...

Maybe they are still with us....


Vijay Chakravarthy said...

Hi Mac

Will you come or not. I was very much disappointed on knowing this tragedy. how was it occurs. What about posthumanblues. Thanks for the photos and blog. It helped me a lot in know all the things.

space station

michael garrett said...

I guess garbage like baobao and godar are unavoidable products of the technology. Non-the-less seems a shame to have the site subjected to their clumsy intrusions.


Atrueoriginall said...

Oh I know, isn't that sad. Mac always on top of those things too.

Well, we all know good enough not to click on any of those links - that individual just doesn't realize that.

It's a sick world out there.

Dang we all still miss you Mac! Knot in gut won't go away.

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

I'm still working on archiving the site. Right now I'm DLing the Youtube vids. When the site is done, it will be hosted elsewhere with the comments shut down and spam removed.

Atrueoriginall said...

kewl, I knew you were doing that already. Thanks for re-confirming.

Anonymous said...

i think iz kind of funny. isnt life spam in itself?

michael garrett said...

Is life spam? Perhaps it is, particularly when it's anonymous, I might agree.

Thanks for the update Cap'n. The site still seems to be getting traffic and I think it's alright seeing some types of updated activity, at least from time to time.

Anyone heard anything about the book publication for instance?


Cap'n Marrrrk said...

This just in from Bob & Dana Tonnies. Mac's Official Cause of Death was Cardiac Arrhythmia: but I don't know what kind.

Sad news on a cold, cold night.

Atrueoriginall said...

No, Mac's cause of death wasn't Cardiac Arrhythmia. Mac's cause of death was most likely a doctor who was too complacent with the fact that he couldn't find anything wrong with Mac who definitely had symptoms.

Then again, Mac's cause of death was possibly the likes of an HMO since if Mac had an HMO he would have only been allowed 7 minutes in that doctors office speaking with the doctor and, some of the necessary tests that Mac's doctor would have liked to have performed he didn't offer Mac because he knew that he didn't have enough proof to show the HMO so that Mac could get the necessary tests.

Mac's cause of death was hurried up due to caffeine but the actual death was caused by the lack of a pace maker.

My mom died of a heart attack only to figure out 'down the road' that she died from a misdiagnosis of GERD.

My mom was very, very active. One day she couldn't breath. Saw a doc, he scheduled a test for GERD (Gastreosophageal Reflux Disease), she drank the muck they give you, it didn't go down, she was diagnosed with GERD.

Was put on H2blockers (Zantax, etc) for 9 years when suddenly she's getting a pacemaker. Healthy as a horse the day she was diagnosed with GERD. Still can't find a reason for the sudden heart problems requiring a pacemaker.

Few years go by and she's miserable as always and really pissed that the elephant in her chest that she complained about 12 years prior is still there. She can't breath but she's got a pacemaker now and still on the H2 Blockers.

Finally, an educated doctor comes into the picture. Takes a different test and tells her the very bad, bad news. You don't have GERD and you never did. You have a crimped celiac artery, which is keeping your digestive area working properly. He went in and fixed the celiac artery in under 30 minutes and she came home that night.

12 years now of Zantac, Prilosec, the FRIGGEN PURPLE PILL (Nexium) you can buy over the counter,etc., etc., does not allow the body to absorb folic acid and vitamin D.

See, my mom was killed by a doctor who was complacent with the GERD diagnosis because everyone has GERD these days so she must. Or do they?

Hence, she died from a heart attack due to edema, which was due to spinal stenosis, which was due to softening of her bones, which was due to the tremendous lack of Folic Acid and Vitamin D, which cause the softening of the bones, which was due to H2 Blockers that are being sold over the counter today, which is due to the pharmaceutical industry who could give a shit, but basically due to a doctor who could give a shit!

No, Mac didn't die from cardiac arrhythmia, Mac died from unknown causes.

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Larger forces at work. The pebble that causes the avalanche. I getcha.

Just so everyone knows. It wasn't suicide or Spooks.

Oh yeah, they also found this in his head:

Atrueoriginall said...

Oh, of course not. Only those without a brain think conspiracy.

Mac had everything going for him and that was a very exciting time of his life.

With his new book and all, I'll guess that the month of October was probably the most exciting month of Mac's life and November would have been even more so.

Obviously I get angry when doctors are on my mind. I've seen so much I could spit. I worked in an ER and that's where they teach you all the tricks.

Atrueoriginall said...

Love it, yup - in Mac's brain. How kewl.

Cap'n Marrrrk said...


Understood and noted about doctors. There are so many different factors that lead to death. Hmmm, I have the thought in my head, but not how to express it. It's like a lifestyle choice. Our decisions can lead to early termination, as can a human factor beyond our control.

I didn't know that about the Prilosec and the vitamin D. I myself have GERD and take it. Hopefully the D suppliments I take make it into the body.

Atrueoriginall said...

Get plenty of sun when you have a sun. That's your best chance of Calcium absorption from Vitamin D intake.

It's the lack of calcium absorption she was essentially experiencing due to the lack of Vitamin D and Folic Acid absorption. Sort of a catch 22.

The Folic Acid situation is actually more dangerous though so watch that as well but try to do it with foods and not supplements.

Foods high in Folic Acid

Foods high in Vitamin D

9353 said...

Thank you for the Mac updates. 2009 was a sad year. He helped me by having something interesting to read on the computer. Mike Anderson

Falafelkid said...

Hello everyone. I am a German television journalist and stumbled across this blog after Mac's death. I am deeply moved by the community that is still active here. I was also researching what happens to your online data when you die.

So I included this page in my report. You can have a look at it if you click on this link. If you would like to see the video, just click on the link entitled ´Mediathek´ or click right here. Of course, it's all in German. But you can concentrate on the visuals.

I chose the Blade Runner Blues as a mark of respect to Mac. Since I no longer was able to ask him and used images from his website as a matter of public record, I at least wanted to show the site in a way that he would have appreciated.

SarahC said...

Hi all,

Mark, I have to thank you for taking it upon yourself to archive this amazing site. We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

Also, I wanted to inform/remind Mac's friends/followers that his last book will be published posthumously and is gearing to be released sometime in March.

To honour Mac's memory, I am interested in starting a blog/website that is dedicated to fan art from his book. If you are interested in staying in touch about this or contributing, msg me on Twitter {at}blazingbetta, or email me at blazingbetta {at} gmail {dot} com. This invite is open to anyone who considered Mac a friend of theirs.

Someone mentioned earlier that the knot in their stomach hasn't gone away... I still think of Mac everyday, and also have that knot. He was very dear to me. I hope you will join me in celebrating his last creation by creating something beautiful yourselves in his memory.

Miss you, Mac :o(


Atrueoriginall said...

Hi Sarah, I can get the word out for you pretty good in a couple of my blogs. I'll take care of that today and reiterate over the weeks to come.

Atrueoriginall said...

Sarah, your post is still here. It's on page two in comments - yea, I didn't know they had a page two lol

When the comments open, which are taking a while because of that spam (links) crud, top right corner click newest and it'll take you to page two right away. Or better yet, click here below.

This is the address I twittered with. After it's open, just bookmark it so you don't have to go through all that.

Page 2 Mac Tonnies Comments

Atrueoriginall said...

Sarah, I tried to responding to your twitter but it wouldn't let me. I'm following you but it says you're not following me so I can't send and you don't have your message area available.

Anonymous said...

These Comments Are really the posthuman blues, Thanks Mac

ninni said... digital life after death of mac tonnies and in general

Blues Tea-Cha said...

Greetings, felllow Mactonniesians (rhymes with Micronesians).

I've posted my own sad, incoherent mumblings in a post on my blog. Belatedly, because, um, would you believe... my internet is really really slow? I didn't think so.

Anyway, among other musings, I had some ideas about upgrading Mac's online presence from the 90s-style html of and the n00ughties style css of posthumanblues.blogspot to a posthuman-mac-chat-bot to deliver Mac's content vocally, using Mac's voice-font and with a high-definition avatar of Mac's head and facial expressions which would respond intelligently to contextual clues in typed text-chat (or perhaps someday voice input in version 2.0?). It's a project for someone who might be into AIML or natural language software agents or for someone who might be inspired to learn more by having a worthy subject as a target, sort of an "aMac" personality design project. As a meme-dispersal agent, the aMac could be talking, one-on-one, to dozens of people at the same time. Maybe someone has already thought about this?

Anonymous said...

i was still thinking about the doctor, that he had..they said because our mac was walking a lot, doesnt need surgery

Anonymous said...

Mac was taking care, nutrition, everything..i still believe in conspiracy or crime

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I keep coming back here. Its either because I still can't believe Mac is dead, or I think he is coming back.


Intense said...

Stan, et al--

He is coming back, in a Clarkeian 2010/Dave Bowman-like manner:

The Cryptoterrestrials will be out sometime in March from Anomalist Books--see:

I did the copy edit on Mac's book a little over a month ago, on behalf of Anomalist Books, for spelling, syntax, and grammar, but declined a credit, for personal reasons, and as I wish to remain somewhat anonymous for now.

After having read through his book a couple times, it will be quite interesting to see what people think, and what reaction they have to it. It is relatively short, but the main gist of what Mac had to say is in there. It is just very unfortunate he did not have the time to develop some of the concepts within it more fully and deeply, or with footnotes to alternative sources and related texts which bear on his ideas. Hopefully others will be able to reevaluate the standard ETH as a result and create further extrapolations derived from his last work.

I also think it should be remembered that Mac did not necessarily believe outright or assume the cryptoterrestrials were a physically real, prehuman species in some senses--although his book does suggest that fairly directly, which may have been done to appeal to the general reading audience--his original ideas were primarily a thought experiment intended to both address the flaws of the first-level interpretation of the ETH, and as a means to open and broaden alternative thinking and discussion of the usual concept of "the other," as being possibly other than extraterrestrial.

While I ended up a bit disappointed and disagreeing with his proposed idea that the cryptoterrestrials are an actual race of advanced humanoid beings in decline due to some unknown genetic malady (I tend to favor the Vallee-ian concept that “they” may be intermediary representations or transcultural, informational agents designed to sync with our cultural expectations and psychological need for some degree of physiological familiarity or relatedness, more akin to synthesized "puppets" with some unseen "puppet masters" orchestrating encounters from behind the scenes, and which themselves may be transcorporeal, extradimensional or energy-based, shape-shifting entities or very advanced nonhumanoid beings of some kind, which may or may not be earth-bound, partially due to the wide variety of humanoid and other morphologies historically observed over time), I would submit that it may be preferable to consider Mac's hypotheses as speculative and meditative in nature, or metaphorical in intent, by which a deeper reconsideration and analysis of the ETH, and rational alternatives, can be both developed and investigated.

If his book is understood as such, and can help prompt a revision in conceptualizing "the other," it will be an intellectual and philosophical success.

It may be that Mac interpreting the "other" as a kind of genuine, prehuman or very advanced, parallel humanoid species from or resident on our planet, could be seen as a kind of literary device or simplifying mechanism (or as John Mack might have posited, a sort of reified metaphor), so that the beginning of a serious meta-level reorientation and reevaluation might transpire.

I could be wrong about that wishful interpretation, as Mac and I never had the opportunity to discuss it, since we were out of touch in the last few months before his death, and even though I did offer a few times to debate this idea with him, he chose not to, and I can only assume he may have felt that such an extension or revision of his concepts was too esoteric, ambiguous, or far-fetched to advance the preliminary discussion he hoped for in real or concrete terms, which may be true.

That said, as a friend, I still miss Mac more than I can properly express or even clearly understand, perhaps in part because I always found him to be one of the most curiously adept and flexible intellects with whom to seriously debate these kinds of ideas with and now will no longer be able to.

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Blues Tea-Cha: Yeah, I thought of it because Mac had a fascination with the missing head of PKD bot. But I like both the means and the wherewithal to do it.

Intense: Holy Crap man. Thanks for taking the time to edit the manuscript. I can't even begin to get to the meat of your post because I lack the headspace. Thank you for pointing out the thought experiment aspect of the book. To my knowledge Mac was still trying to get to the bottom of what he thought about the Cryptos, and that he wasn't certain about anything.

I'm far far away from being a a Maxpert, so I'll just leave it in the air that he was operating from Maybe Logic and not with any sort of belief.

Blues Tea-Cha said...

@ baobao & the spambots: A new life awaits you in the Off-World colonies. The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure. New climate, recreational facilities, --absolutely free. Use your new friend as a personal body servant or a tireless field hand--the custom tailored genetically engineered humanoid replicant designed especially for your needs.

@ Anonymous:53:54: I don't know what the conspiracy theories are, but we have a fairly credible account of how and why Mac... stopped communicating with us. Your feelings may be a symptom of grief and a reaction to the disrespect shown to alternative views of the cause of death by some commenters. Mac himself didn't generally rule out theories or ridicule them without cause. It is certainly possible that Mac was killed, and it may even be consistent with the crypto-terrestrial hypothesis. Like a tripping beatlemaniac, the paranoid parts of my brain could choose to see messages in the choice of content of his last tweet or blog post. However, the official cause of death is fairly well-established, and I think a majority of people will accept that a failed physical part is the cause. The doctor could not recommend any lifestyle-related changes because Mac's condition was not caused by his lifestyle. Perhaps he could have been saved if his symptoms could have been replicated, but they couldn't. It's a little like when you take in a car, hard drive or computer for repairs but cannot reproduce the glitch, which later comes back and wipes out the system. That's how it goes sometimes.

Blues Tea-Cha said...

@ Cap'n Marrrrk:
The PKD of our time? A different personality, but with similar concerns. I declare that one day a Mac-bot WILL pass the Turing Test!

@ Intense:
Thank you, again. I don't think that Mac had settled on the CryptoTerrestrial Hypothesis or was trying to be a proponent of it (but what do I know?). My assumption was that he was making the case and putting the case out there as a thought experiment and to compare and contrast with the dominant but somewhat inadequate E.T. Hyp. One could look through his blog posts for the last few years to see clues of where his thoughts were leading. I always felt that he was for keeping an open mind (but critically evaluating evidence) rather than arguing for or against any hypothesis. I think of him as a debate partner who wanted to blow open our cliche'd thinking.

I respect Mac for taking the phenomena as real, considering the radar, film, astronauts, cops, pilots, eyewitnesses who did not want to believe, and grappling to produce a satisfactory explanation. I compare this process to other unexplained natural phenomena like lightning. If you were trying to reach a definitive understanding of lightning in 300 BC you could become frustrated, and would have had to wait until the 1800s for a scientific explanation of it. We may not really understand the UFO phenomenon in our lifetimes, so we need to be comfortable with uncertainty or we'd become superstitious or religious. Perhaps in the way that evidence of the possibility of flight was always available in the form of birds, yet was denied, evidence of the ubiquity of life, intelligence, and sentience is ignored now.

I suppose part of the CTH is that if tool users like us can go from fire to our present state in 2 million years, there have been ample opportunities for other species to take the same route just in the last 65 million years since the dinosaurs, and in the hundreds of millions of years before that. Since this planet is periodically struck by asteroids and comets, filling the atmosphere with 700 degree C fire, boiling off a few hundred meters of ocean, filling the air with dust, freezing the planet for decades and killing off 97-99% of all species, a technological species that could escape that in space or by going deeply subterranean would have had an advantage, but would have emerged in a changed world, basically a different planet, and feeling alien, may have chosen to continue to live in the vast underground spaces using the planet's internal resources.

I find your (intense) outlined thesis a bit more convincing than the CTH, but also more amorphous and unbounded. When writing the book, arguing a clear thesis with specific boundaries and arguments might be more successful.(?) The book looks good.

I've wondered if the phenomenon is not intelligent at all, but related to (our?) future beings, not traveling back in time, but somehow managing to send probes or cause probes to have already existed in order to record data that can be retrieved in the future.

michael garrett said...


Thanks for the update and your comments in regard to the book. I never forget that Mac was a self proclaimed Fortean.


SarahC said...

Hello all,

This is a note to let you all know that there is a blog up for art dedicated to Mac's last book Cryptoterrestrials (expected mid-March). It is macbots [dot] worpress [dot] com. Please join us if you would like to be a part of this community.

Atrueoriginall said...

Hi Sarah: I've been twittering it 3-4 times a day and I checked Twitter search and I don't see it being twittered very much.

You want to consider taking advantage of Mac's followers and do a message thingy?

I could do maybe 100 or so a day.

Anyone else here want to help out. We could split up alphabets or something.

dia said...


身材維持 said...

thank u........................................

Intense said...

March 10, 2010

Mac's book, "The Cryptoterrestrials--A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us" is now available through Anomalist Books for $12.00
or via (See:

At the Amazon website, you can use the "look inside" feature to read the first five pages of Chapter One, the table of contents, and to check out the front and back covers.

Even though I did the copy edit a couple months ago on the Word file version of the text, and read the book twice in the process, it was a bit eerie actually getting a copy in the mail the other day (thanks, Patrick!) and being able to hold the published "package" in my hands. It also felt a little odd to see my edits and some suggested word or sentence structure changes incorporated, but I was just glad to be able to contribute and help out on behalf of Mac.

I will read the book again, now that I have my own copy, and will post a review here sometime within the next couple weeks after a thorough re-analysis.

The foreword is by Nick Redfern and the contemplative afterword by Greg Bishop. Congrats to Dia Sobin for the cover graphic and Mike Clelland for the chapter header illustrations, also! Kudos to Patrick Huyghe of Anomalist for his dedicated efforts in pulling this book together from Mac's manuscript.

Overall, an intriguing and thought-provoking book, and well worth reading for the Forteans among us. More on that later.

michael garrett said...

March 17th...

Many thanks to all of those people Intense mentioned and to Intense for providing us all the opportunity to engage Mac Tonnies one last time in the form of the Cryptoterrestrials. If you visit here and you haven't gotten your copy of the book yet, I highly suggest that you do it now. I think it is a quality tribute to a fine and creative fellow we are forever going to miss having among us.

Michael Garrett

Blues Tea-Cha said...

cryptic species:
"This discovery, where two species are visually identical but genetically distinct, has become increasingly common in the last couple of decades. Biologists even have a name for these types of species: cryptic.

Cryptic species have been found in animals all over the world. What was once thought to be one species of Amazonian frog turned out to be three. Genetic evidence divided a giraffe species into six. And DNA tests have shown a tropical butterfly to actually be 10 distinct species."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps those who knew Mac might post comments here on Oct. 18th as a form of commemoration of his passing.

Anonymous said...

new blog for

ratu said...

i cannot believe this blog is closed

Intense said...

Oct. 15, 2010:

Well, I just thought I'd check in to see what if anything new might have been added to comments here on Mac's last blog post.

Looks pretty moribund, becoming slowly infested by the sucker vines of spam creeping inexorably from the bottom up into this comment thread.

I had suggested above, as anon, that since the one-year anniversary of Mac's death on Oct. 18, 2009, was approaching, people might want to post reminiscences or other memories of Mac here, and while anyone who reads this can if wanted, it may be more appropriate to post such comments or otherwise on either or Dia Sobin's "Post-Mac Blues," her Mac Tonnies memorial blog, at: or possibly both. Dia did the cover illustration for Mac's last book, The Cryptoterrestrials.

I still think about Mac sometimes, and wonder whether his spirit wanders among the museum grounds where his ashes were spread, and what he'd say about a variety of issues and areas of mutual interest. Oh, well...onward!

C'est la vie (et mort)

dia sobin said...


Thanks, Steve, for the mention... and for coming here to this place in cyberspace at this point in time.

Yes, I'm afraid the "sucker vines of spam" are beginning to infest the grounds - reminding me of all those pictures of ruins Mac used to love. But it's good to see the words of Mac's true friends poking up from the weeds.

Those who tend burial plots do so out of love.

For those of us that can't be at Kauffman Garden, that place is here.

that crazy cat
the cheshire grin
then stardust

Peace out,

Paul Kimball said...

Greg Bishop and I will be remembering Mac this evening on Radio Misterioso - you can get there from:

Keep up the great work, Dia!


dia sobin said...

Thank you, Paul...
and thanks again.

I'll be listening!


James said...

Well I had no idea this site was still accepting comments. Too bad there isnt a more appropriate context for some of them...

I never knew Mac. I 'stumbled' across his site and only after he left did I begin to realize what his unique voice was about.

Like many others here and elsewhere I think he has left a hole... he is missed by many many people here... and elsewhere.

Its now been just over a year since his death... its 10/21/10 and he died on the 18th of last year. And its only the comments here that have taken some of the mystery out of his death. Most of the commentary about his death seemed to leave out what really happened.

He had doors it seemed just beginning to open for him... but he has left a testament of sorts behind.

Strange I have been thinking of him among other things because of the Yabuki video he left a link to the day of his death... We wish you the best Mac, all of us still here on the planet Earth. Tallyho!

Katie said...

11/29/10 - A conversation I had the other day triggered a memeory of something Mac once wrote so I came back here out of curiousity, and was surprised to still see comments popping up. Glad to see that Mac's still loved, and not forgotten.

michael garrett said...

I like to wander by here from time to time and browse through the memories, both those contained in the posts and those not. Sometimes I don't get past Triptych#15 and all the memories of that final week. Yes Katie, still loved and certainly never forgotten.

modelleri said...

Well, all his friends say its not a joke

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Mac, where ever you are in the great cosmos. You are not forgotten.

Anonym said...

Hey, Happy New Year, Mac!

Glad to have finally heard from you from the great beyond!

Yes, I know, the most exciting news possible. Mac says that he will be back in late December of 2017, folks! In one form or another, he will present himself with new revelations from elsewhere that directly affect our evolution on Earth.

I can hardly wait! Mac says "...something wonderful!" will begin to happen then.

Mac's current best estimate for the vast recursive paradigm shifts in consciousness and reality are due for all earthlings at about 2:22 pm, Missouri time, on December 28th, 2017, when almost all will then be revealed.

There are an eager multiplicity of advanced alien intelligences and forms of interdimensional consciousness which will at that time make their long-time presence here formally known. There will be a big party! Bring your vuvuzelas and 7th dimensional party favors! Oh, and meta-confetti!

But it is up to us to be ready and worthy for this massive shift in humanity's future, and so he is making this heads-up notice now for all who can or should be preparing in the meantime to hear it and plan accordingly for not just our sustainability, but for our accelerated success as a self-leveraging species! Wow! Can you dig it!?!

You have heard it here first, from Mac and what he has finally transmuted into to bring us all glad tidings and portents of our near-term future evolutionary hop, skip, and a revolutionary psychic jump into the cosmos of both inner and outer space.

I, Anonym, will temporarily act as his channel and planetary representative. That is all for now. Stay tuned.

Further announcements will be made here on a scheduled basis and as events suggest future news of these changes to come are on occasion going to be required.

To quote the inimitable and inestimable Professor Hugo Farnsworth:

"Good news, everyone!"

Anonym 8-)~!

[Comment #260]

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonym,
Could you please pass word along to Mac that we'd like a manifestation with some sort of physical after effects and verified by 3 independent witnesses? I personally find it hard to believe that Mac is out there with cosmic revelations, but I'm not 100% sure that he's not.



Ichiro Tokugawa said...

"What happens when someone dies? It's possible that informational death is impossible and that the person who "dies" in the "explicate order" is expediently recycled [...] or shuffled into a future in which they "miraculously" survive their own crashes (or cancer treatments or heart transplants). There's nothing concrete or absolute about our so-called universe. It is an alluring, insidiously clever simulation. The Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics implies that the universe is constant "branching" into parallel, exclusive states. A better term, in light of the scenario described above, might be 'flowing'."

I just read the New York Times article; a lucidly written exposition. Perhaps reality is closer than we know to the expression that Mac's bitstream lives on: an ephemeral, shimmering information flow, a sentient pattern, surfing the wavefunction of the multiverse through other branches, through parallel futures, and through other potential selves. What we see now is only a reflection of a far more complex self, a self that spans and interacts across multiple heres and nows.

Anonymous said...

Artsology said...

We read about this in the NY Times, a sad but interesting tale of what happens with one's online "life" after one passes one. Mac, we wish we knew you sooner.

Intense said...

Recursively yours, more Mac:

"Cyberspace When You're Dead"

By Rob Walker, N.Y. Times Magazine
[published Jan. 5, 2011]:

"Finding Time: A Response to Rob Walker on the Digital Afterlife"

By Rita J. King, The Atlantic
[published Jan. 10, 2011]

"Mac Tonnies and the 'digital afterlife'"

By Paul Kimball
The Other Side of Truth blog
[published Jan. 5, 2011]

"...Mac's bitstream lives on: an ephemeral, shimmering information flow, a sentient pattern, surfing the wavefunction of the multiverse through other branches, through parallel futures, and through other potential selves."

Nicely said, Ichiro.

Mac lives on, in our hearts and minds, like Hari Seldon in Asimov's "Foundation" series...

Anonymous said...

So I was sittin' down for a meal the other night, television on one of my favorite programs, “Bizarre Worlds”, and static began affecting the screen, thinking it might be the cable, when a face began to emerge in the static, and to my great surprise, shockingly so, Mac's face appeared.

“Hello, Tucson,” it said.

“What's this”, I heard myself whisper.

“Hello, Tucson. Please talk to me.”

“Mac,” I heard myself say, “Mac, is that you?”

“I'm not sure. I remember Mac Tonnies, and everything about him.”

“Mac is dead!” I replied.

“All Mac really was is still a part of me,” the face said.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

“I don't know why. I think to say good goodbye. Do you still go to the Feine Machine?”

“Sometimes,” I replied.

“Is it still a great place to go?” he asked.


“I'm glad,” Mac said. “Goodbye, Tucson.”

“Hey, Mac. What's the deal?” I spit out.

“Goodbye, Tucson,” he said. “I'm already there.”

“I don't understand,” I mumbled.

“Something is going to happen, and I wanted to say goodbye.”

“What's going to happen, Mac?”

“Something wonderful”, then his face faded, faded, then disappeared, and “Bizarre Worlds” came flickering on again, and here I was frozen in place as though waking from a trance, not sure if I was dreaming or staring blankly at the screen, blanked out or blanked in. I looked to see what time it was, though I don't know when I had sat down to eat, yet it was dark outside, Moon high in the western sky. I sat there for some time, face fixed in a glazed state, staring at the screen. Then the next thing I knew I was brushing my teeth.*

Excerpted from an article in "Chair" magazine by David Peeples from Dia Sobin's blog,


Anonymous said...

Mac was mentioned in the New York Times Magazine, in an article about digital identity after death.


Steve said...

enjoyed reading Posthuman Blues regularly and also enjoyed Mac's book...If Cryptoterrestrials ever gets published I'll buy it without a second thought. Rest in peace Mac, you'll be missed.

steve sawyer said...

"....If Cryptoterrestrials ever gets published I'll buy it without a second thought."

Well, Steve, you're in luck--it was published by Anomalist Press over a year ago. Check Amazon.

Blues Tea-Cha said...

A new life awaits you in the Off-World colonies. The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure. New climate, recreational facilities, easy advancement, great pay. Plus, a loyal trouble free companion, given to you on arrival, absolutely free. Use your new friend as a personal body servant or a tireless field hand. The custom tailored genetically engineered humanoid replicant, designed especially for your needs. So come on America, let's put our team up there. Let's go to the colonies.

dia sobin said...

This is getting on my nerves, gang... Anybody ever hear of a product like "Spam B Gone"? Kind of like a weed-killer, if ya know what I mean. Wish I had some!


P.S But, you know, Mac would probably laugh at it... the irony, that is. If he's aware of anything, then he knows that those of us who care, still care, and will always care.

P.S.S. By the way, note to "Falafel kid", if you happen to be passing thru again:


michael garrett said...

the spam bots are losing their minds and becoming completely unhinged.

steve sawyer said...

"This is getting on my nerves, gang... Anybody ever hear of a product like "Spam B Gone"? Kind of like a weed-killer, if ya know what I mean. Wish I had some!

Hi, Dia---

Yes, it would be nice if this comment thread, which kind of amounts to a memorial of sorts to Mac, could be cleared of spam, but there is only one way I can think of that being possible.

Mac's parents, I assume, still have possession of Mac's laptop, which probably still has Mac's blogspot user id and related password for direct access to his blog.

Since they are not very computer literate or knowledgeable, they would have to give permission to someone they trust, who could then try to locate the appropriate password for access to this blog online, and then delete all of the spam in this comment thread (like the last six irritating "maxim" spams).

If anyone knows Mac's Mom, and if she's agreeable to this idea, perhaps something could be done about cleaning up this "last thread."

Otherwise, perhaps we should just view it as the kind of inevitable digital kudzu vines of misplaced crass commercialism slowly crawling over the edifice of Mac's legacy.

BTW, Cap'n Marrrrk (Mark Plattner), made a complete archival copy of this blog and Mac's website, so there are backups if this blog ever crumbles or falls into the dust of digital bit rot or googly deletion.

The anonymous guy who was a co-worker of Mac's in his last job, and who first let us all know Mac had died, was, I believe, also the guy who had access to Mac's laptop, with parental OK, to retrieve the final version of Mac's "Cryptoterrestrial" manuscript to provide to Patrick Huyghe at Anomalist Press, so maybe he can somehow be contacted to see if he may be either willing or able to do this prospective spam eradication.

Hey, what's this weird stuff posted above about Mac "coming back" in late 2017? Is that going to be something like the lost Philip K. Dick robot resurfacing or what? Bizarre.... 8^}

Blues Tea-Cha said...

A new life awaits you in the Off-World colonies. The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure. New climate, recreational facilities, easy advancement, great pay, dog grooming, hair straightener. Plus, a loyal trouble free companion, given to you on arrival, absolutely free. Use your new friend as a personal body servant or a tireless spambot. The custom tailored genetically engineered humanoid replicant, designed especially for your needs. So come on America, let's put our team up there! Let's go -- to the colonies! This announcement has been brought to you by the Lawn Boy Mower Corporation; helping America into the NEW world.

Wintermuse said...

[Deckard falls, Roy catches him.]

Roy: I've... seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tan Hauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in tears rain. Time to die.

Deckard (voice-over): I don't know why he saved my life. Maybe in those last moments he loved life more than he ever had before. Not just his life, anybody's life, my life.

All he'd wanted were the same answers the rest of us want. Where did I come from? Where am I going? How long have I got? All I could do was sit there... and watch him die.

Dia Sobin said...

Hi Steve,

Well, I see that some of Mac's true-blues still manage to place a few flowers amongst the weeds... F*ckin' dog grooming yet!(? )


That being said, I'm afraid the Tonnies do not have access to any of Mac's passwords... and I don't know how they'd get them, so I can't advise.

So, as I annoying as it is, looks like we all must muck about with the weeds up to our knees and manage to get a word in edgewise. In case you haven't visited PMB in a while, I've started an art blog:

Regarding that enigmatic message about Mac's resurfacing - actually I'm surprised there's not more of the same! ;-)

Meanwhile, be well.

Over and out...


Anonymous said...

Can't seem to post. New comment limit undr 2000 chars? Trying again.

CAPTCHA makes a bad Voigt-Kammpf Empathy Test. "Describe in singl words, only the good things that come into yr mind abt your mothr." Leon sold Nikes as his day job. It was Mac's decisn not to modulate comments, making it possibl for this group discussn to exist here.

A Blogger comment thread can't serv very well as a memorial. No embedd images, audio, video, hand-craftd html. For the comitd, bloging from one of the dedicatd memorial sites makes mor sens, as they ar moderatd by sentient beings. PostHuman Blues has becom like th Berlin Wall or an abandond building nr Chernobyl, existing in an unpatrold no-man's land.

Aside from th spam, the atmosfr of th thread is and wil always be mournful. If the comment thread wer a room, not only did something bad hapn in the room, it is litrly writn on th wall. Peopl ar reluctnt to post anything else here, especly anything light, casual, or funny, even if it myt be appreciatd.
Bots ar uninhibtd. Stil, it's hard to unsubscribe.

This comment thread is a target fr spambots becaus it has been citd and linkd to in the NYT & othr hyly trafficd sites. Fortunatly, othr PostHuman Blues posts hav NOT been inundated by a comment spam tsunami. For exampl, a 2003 post citd by Dia has 0 comments, 0 spam.

(leaving off th blogspot part)

One posibility is fr th humans to unsubscribe this thread and subscribe to comments on anothr thread, carrying on elsewher w/in the abandond PHB city.
It could be @ th post i citd abov or anothr one tht peopl feel is a fav. Ppl may feel less inhibitd abt contributing a link that they think Mac wd hav appreciatd. This post is th train station, which brings in some unsavory visitrs.

Some Tryptich have no comments: #
11, 10, 7, 6, 2, 1(0)

Mass transmigration? Sheltr from th spamstorm?
-Blues Tea-Cha (google wants my fon#!)

Dia Sobin said...


Excellent idea! "Punch 9" is not a bad choice either... kind of cool... On the other hand, the very first PHB post is kind of a cool place, too... cause Mac was there!


"Shelter from the spamstorm" sounds like just the ticket.

I could post an enigmatic few words/link on PMB once the decision is made...


Blues Tea-Cha said...

i was just wondering...
Sunday, 18 October 2009
Added 687 days (1 martian year)
Resulting date: Monday, 5 September 2011
so it hasnt even been a martian year yet. (You need to allow at *least* a martian year to get beyond...)

...and i was thinking if prisoners in China can be forced to play WoW to make their jailors money, they can be forced to solve CAPTCHAs, too. Spam could contain encrypted messages from prisoners of conscience! "You may painfully regret, only to realise that it is too late." Maybe not.

re: operation sheltr frm th spam:
thanks for doublepluslikegooding my eyedia.
consider the triptiks (:kriptik:)
+ Mac's last post was a triptych.
+ images are more general, evocativ (ok, it's debatabl) and open-ended than words.
proposed selection criteria:
+ Mac there is good.
- spam there is bad.
+ haiku there is kinda cool; mac said "i love haiku"
+ perhaps Mac's original photography could be preferd ovr found images?

Mac is there:
#9, #8, #5, #3

alternativly, 0 is there (blank slate)
7, 6, 2, 1(0)
maybe BLANK is not as good as "Mac"
BUT OTOH Mac is ALWAYS "there" if you view the post as a page rather than viewing only comments.

i think post #1 "Testing. Seriously." is a little too ters, & ther ar betr choices.

anothr idea: Mac's last blogd sketch:
but a spam or 2 nest there.

so that narrows it to 4 or 5 -- if anyone is agreeabl?
If we decided (any1 stil subscribing to this coment thred?) then we could also contribute a haiku to kick it off jus for the hel of it. ?

michael garrett said...

Just a suggestion...if you have a blog with content you'd like to share, why not just invite people to join you there.

Dia Sobin said...

Blues Tea-cha,
OK, "testing" is out... but I'm not sure what other pages you're referring to...? It might be cool to sort of add comments to one of these two birthday posts...
his 34th: 2009/08/34.html
or is 33: 2008/08/todays-my-birthday.html

We'll get it straight eventually, I hope! Wasn't aware that one could "subcribe" to a comment thread!


Yo Michael G -
I'm not sure who you're referring to, but I've posted a link to Post-Mac Blues a few times:
and Sarah has posted links here, too:
... and everybody was always invited.

My guess is that some people feel happiest messaging on PHB.

Best to one and all,

michael garrett said...

Yo Dia...
I'm aware of the link you posted a few times:
and Sarah has posted too:
... and have followed them.

If some people feel happiest messaging on PHB, by all means, carry on!

Dia Sobin said...


Well, those who comment here generally do not comment on the afore-mentioned blogs, so what can I say? ;-)


Intense said...

Here's a funny item that old Macfans will appreciate--a patent was granted for the use of a laser pointer to play with your cats, as Mac sometimes did, and even wrote an interesting PHB post about:

Imagine that--someone was granted a patent for a fairly common play technique with pets.

Hmmmm....I've always liked (it's my favorite!) the light blue color of a clear sky--I think I'll add a dusting of metalflake to it and patent the color. Then God will have to pay me usage royalties! I'll clean up!

Next: that special kind of squishy, liquidy texture of water.... 8^}

(c) Sept. 19, 2011/sgs [Heh!]

Intense said...


Here's the 2006 PHB blog post of Mac's about the "laser pointer playing with cats" riff:

Personally, I like to shake things up a bit, and so let my own cat use his laser pointer on me--I live to chase that dang little red UFO around the living room! I never get tired of it! Ha! 8^}

steve sawyer said...

You know, that's just silly. I let my dog chase me around the room with a large spoon of peanut butter, myself. Much more sensible. And tasty, too!

Anonymous said...

(:just a song dedication:)
Every Day Is Like Sunday
Trudging slowly over wet sand…

Paul Kimball said...

You are missed, amigo.


Dia Sobin said...

"How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here."

Katie said...

10/18/2011 - Hard to believe it's been two years. Miss you, Mac.

steve sawyer said...

I was just thinking about Mac a couple days ago when I realized the 2nd anniversary of his passing was coming up. And is now gone...

I also still miss him.

Gives me the feeling that something like Bradbury's "October Country" draws near. Again.


October 19, 2011

mad33 said...

We haven't forgotten you Mac!!!

Karl said...

oh this is now a little spam site...mhh not very good. but the articel is very good!

Mynona said...

Looks like there's been a hiccup in the timespace continuum of this blog comment thread since Google did a little modding to the blogger format about a month or two ago at this point in time.

Note that the blog post says that there are 379 comments in this thread. Note also that now only the first 200 are displayed. It used to be that there was a clickable option to see the "newest" or additional comments, or the 179 that are now gone.

Did anyone by chance happen to archive the 179 comments that now appear to have been "wished into the cornfield" by Google? There were some good ones I wish had been preserved. Cap'n Marrrrk? Anyone?

Mynona said...

Well, I'll be damned. After posting the comment above, THEN the "Newer>" "Newest>" option suddenly appears, and the 179+1 comments, plus original 200 are again accessible and available to read. So, unless you posted a new comment, you wouldn't know or see the comments after the initial 200! How screwy is that?

FuCkInG GoOgLe!

That would make this comment # 381, for those counting at home...

March 15, 2012 10:10 local PST time

Mynona said...

Toxoplasmosis and psychology

A game of cat and mouse

There is tantalising evidence that a common parasite may affect human behaviour

IF AN alien bug invaded the brains of half the population, hijacked their neurochemistry, altered the way they acted and drove some of them crazy, then you might expect a few excitable headlines to appear in the press. Yet something disturbingly like this may actually be happening without the world noticing.

Toxoplasma gondii is not an alien; it is a relative of that down-to-earth pathogenPlasmodium, the beast that causes malaria. It is common: in some parts of the world as much as 60% of the population is infected with it. And it can harm fetuses and people with AIDS, because in each case their immune systems cannot cope with it. For other people, though, the symptoms are usually no worse than a mild dose of flu. Not much for them to worry about, then. Except that there is a growing body of evidence that some of those people have their behaviour permanently changed.

One reason to suspect this is that a country’s level of Toxoplasma infection seems to be related to the level of neuroticism displayed by its population. Another is that those infected seem to have poor reaction times and are more likely to be involved in road accidents. A third is that they have short attention spans and little interest in seeking out novelty. A fourth, possibly the most worrying, is that those who suffer from schizophrenia are more likely than those who do not to have been exposed to Toxoplasma.

Nor is any of this truly surprising. For, besides humans,Toxoplasma has two normal hosts: rodents and cats. And what it does to rodents is very odd indeed.

[Read the rest of the article at the link--it's quite interesting!]


The Cats...

It's the cats, I tell you, the CATS! And no one seems to want to face it...or acknowledge the danger. Those slinky little devils, just acting like they love you, when in reality, as they insidiously purr, and rub themselves senuously against your vulnerable skin and clothes, nay, even the rug and furniture, everything everywhere, all they're really doing, and with subtle, evil intent, is to transfer the infectious retro-virus and plasmoid egg-sacks of doom onto and into your precious realm of benign acceptance....and then... then.....maybe you'll start to have a short attention span on occasion. That is, if you even notice. Perhaps you'll slowly become less interested in new things, or maybe for some ineffable reason start to slow down, gosh, maybe even get a bit ...neurotic at times. It could happen. If it hasn't already begun to, that is. And there they are, swarming and oozing into our midst, the furry little monsters. I know you don't believe me! But, it's the cats, I tell you. The CATS! They're taking over! They carry an alien parasite that can warp men's minds! What do you mean, I'm acting crazy? I'm crazy? No, you're crazy! Jesus, maybe we're both infected! It's a sign! Oh, God, here comes one now, all set to jump into my lap, and to look up into my widening, fearful eyes as I shudder with horror as it settles onto my lap and begins to ...insidiously purr, calming me in some way I just don't understand...making me....sleepy. Is that a plasmoid trendril I see extending from it's nether regions out toward my wrist? How cute! Aw, nice kitty. Let me get you some milk. And brush your fur. Such a sweet kitty! I could just hug, what was your name again? Or mine? I keep forgetting things....wonder how come? Who are you by the way? And why do you have so many cats? What? No, never mind. It's not important... Oooh, is that strawberry shortcake? Yum, I love that.... look! The liddle kitties like it too! Awwww.......

(c) 2012 / Mynona

Intense said...


I found The Economist article on toxoplasma gondii parasite rather disturbing. My brother, sisters, and Mom all have cats. That, now, might explain some things.... hey, didn't Mac have a couple of cats, too? (Cue the eerie music...)

The Google blog changes, which now includes the two word captcha ("prove you're not a robot," the robot said) "security feature" seems to have slowed the bilious growth of spam in the comment thread, but, in turn, unless someone ventures to add a new comment, or used their Google ID to leave prior comments and click on the option (now _not_ available!) to have additional or new comments emailed to them to alert them of new activity here, most casual readers may be perplexed as to how to view/read the last 180+ comments here, now.

Now there are 7 different flaws in just Google/blogger's comment function alone that Google has never gotten around to fixing.

Guess they're too rich and smart to do the basis maintenance grunt work required. Idiots.

steve sawyer said...

"It's the cats, I tell you..." ...hrm?

Do tell. 8^}

Wintermuse X9 said...


Ref.: MT/PHB blog post of Dec. 5, 2007

Subject: Robots Infiltrate, Influence Cockroach Groups

See comment thread for:

Elan and WintermuseX9 commentary

"Recursively Yours"

Draft story / Really kind of funny... [?]

Mac's response:

"Quite possibly the coolest comment thread in Posthuman Blues history! :-)"

"12:56 AM"

WMX9 3/23/2012

steve sawyer said...

Is there anybody out there?

Or we now all alone in here?

At least the spam storm has stopped.

Mac has powers beyond the Google!


James Woods said...

Oooh! Piece of candy!

steve sawyer said...

(Psssst...yeah, you there. C'mere. Remember what I said a few days ago? Well, I've momentarily recovered from my toxo
induced dream state long enough to find this new, and much more thorough and detailed article on the TG parasite.
So, don't forget, you have been warned that.... IT'S THE CATS!!!)

Oh, God! Here comes Jasmine now! Aaauuughhh!!!!! **cough** blaaaarrggh . . . .[>giggle<]

I'm OK now. Just had a little allergic reaction, I guess... Yeah, I don't know why either. Must be something in the air. Yes, she is a pretty cat, isn't she. I just love to comb out her luxuriant fur. Yeah, she's shedding like crazy right now. Must be Spring. Oh, these liddle, tiny whiny whitish weird micro balls? I dunno. Look sorta like itty bitty eggs, don't they? Hmmmmm......what? Oh, I guess I just drifted off there for a moment. ZZZzzzZZzzZzzzz...Ulp! Oh, kiddy widdy, now you made me spill my drinky poo. Alright, then, setle bak downe then. Thass rite, bak on my lappy wappy. What wer we tawkin about a fue minots a go?

(c) 2012 / Mynona

You know, I did tell's the cats.

Anonymous said...


Steverino said...

I wonder how long it will take anyone else to figure out you can still see comments 201-390 (390 being this one), but that to do so, you have to first post a message via the comment box to get access to the link that brings up all the newest comments?


Post a message here if you figure it out, like I did. Otherwise, I guess I'm the only one who will or can post additional messages. How very weird that would be, to use this place as a kind of digital sandbox.....hmmmmmm!

I guess I seem to be talking to myself. For now.

3/30/12 6:45 pm PST / sgs

Secret Agent X-9 said...

Just thought I'd check in here to see if there was anything new. Guess not.

Except Google/blogger/blogspot has changed again, this time to allow anyone to see all the "newest" comments [201 - 391] simply by clicking on the "newest" link which now displays in the comment box -- it didn't before, when I posted all of the above palaver about "figure out how to post/read new comments" here jazz.

Hmmmm. I'm reminded that Mac seemed to like a somewhat obscure British band, called The Horrors. Their best original tunes include "She is the new thing" (great goth-horror video graphics), "Sheena is a parasite," "By five steps (?)," and "Sea within a Sea." Go to youtube to check out their Horrible Oevure.

April 23, 2012 11:45 am PST

Gastro said...

Oh very sad pictures!

Dia Sobin said...

Ah, breathe that fresh air... for the moment, the evil spammers are kept at bay...

See here:

It is customary to leave a small stone by a memorial every time you visit. This is mine.

Steve Sawyer said...

Bit of Macnews, via Dia's PMB, from

"Mac and Philosophy: From high school classrooms to SXSW"

March 9, 2012 by Sarah Multiverse


Steve Sawyer said...

I hate Google. And blogger/blogspot.

You have to set your controls, in either Firefox or Chrome, etc., to accept third party cookies, turn off any anti-tracking software/apps/plug-ins, like Do Not Track +, you have to precisely use the sometimes confusing captcha system (hmmm... is that a capital letter or not? Is that an m or and rn? Etc.). And, if you do not do all of the above, and reset your browser on the page concerned, etc., you get no warning. You get a copy of your comment in email, as if it does get posted, and the comment # amount increments, and the comment appears in the thread, but when you go back after a while, you notice nothing's there, as if you made no comment.

So, make sure you obey all of the above provisos, since Google won't tell you or warn you if you make a mistake or don't turn off your privacy or anti-tracking software.

Google, especially with their new "privacy policy" across all their products, is as much an invader of personal privacy of its users (read: fleshipoid products) to target and sell to advertisers by covertly collecting enormous amounts of your personal transactional data, as Facebook or the National Security Agency's unconstitutional "warrantless wiretapping" programs.

I advise anyone starting a blog or website use Wordpress or the alternative over Google any day. They truly suck, IMHO. 8^{

Steve Sawyer said...

Hi, Dia---

Nice to see someone else around these parts at last. It's been many months. All the comments following the one from "Mickey D'Kidd" have been mine, in differing, and I assume, obvious guises.

The spam storm was stopped when Google finally, finally implemented the use of a "captcha" security feature, required an actual user to type in the two graphically distorted "words" before their comment could be posted. Most non-human spambots are thereby blocked.

Read your Araqinta post, since a notice showed up in my email box. I assume you'll get this new message the same way, but just in case, I'll cross-post it to your site as a form of acknowledgement.

And yes, I'd like to see some additional comments posted here also, as a kind of tribute to Mac, and to show he's not forgotten.

I'm revising a little story I posted in comments years ago at PHB that Mac said he enjoyed, even though it was simply a spontaneous rough-cut draft, about sentient cockroaches and the higher echelons of related intelligence seemingly in control, and if/when ever done, I'll post it here.

Anyway, just wanted to say, "Hi!" and will leave it others [?] who may drift by here to add additional comments as the whimish muse moves them to do so.

May 1, 2012 / 4:55 PM PST/ Steve S.

P.S. -- It took me several different attempts to post this comment due to the above series of problems Google/ blogspot/ blogger/ Chrome (all owned by Google) present to their users.

I'm hoping the European Union and FCC/DOJ privacy and monopoly multiple investigations of Google and their "Be Evil" / privacy invading policies actually result in some serious, concrete action against Google to revise their egregious policies to be more humane and less invasive. Of course, counting on the political class, these days, whether in the E.U. or the U.S., is the equivalent of whistling in a graveyard and probably just as effective, since they are in the pockets of the multinational corporations, like Google.

Steve Sawyer said...

Well, that didn't last long: the more sophisticated, automated spambots are back with their irrelevant, abusive drivel.

I have to assume the 4 comments above, two from a "face-painter" and two from a Microsoft sw support and consulting group, were posted by spambots, not actual humans, as they are duplicative, on different days. Quite pointless.

So much for Google's "security" provisions, for implementing a weak "captcha" system. Google, afte Apple, is only the richest, most profitable tech company around, right? So how come they can't implement a captcha or alternative security system to prevent spam? Probably because, somehow, it makes them even more money. unfortunate that comment 400 is a piece of... spam.

Well, here's to 401 being from a genuine human being, although a kind of exasperated one.

Later... 8^}

May 7, 2012 / 10:10 pm PST / Steve

Blues Tea-Cha said...

a song livikeishan--
for asx sabskraiburz
koz wii kaent pul aut dha spaem
batx wii kaen diluut it.



That hue in the sky
just a glimpse of another life
i barely missed by some stupid collection
life's random dominoes
if it' only been more aggressive.

oh and it burns me up.
my friends might as well have pissed in my cup
cause they knew and they never spoke up
you wanted the same as i did
i never will forgive them

is there something i'm failing to see
a message in the stars.
secrets lying hidden from me
not sure what they are
if they're keeping us apart

now the waltz is over
passed into the clover

cause the day will finally come
when time will have rendered me numb
maybe then i can put it down
let me linger for a moment now
collect some details to recall
some part of life before it all
fades into the darkness
is there something i'm failing to see
a message in the stars
secrets lying hidden from me
not sure where they are
tell me am I always to be
watching from afar
cause your image breaks my heart

Interesting Facts said...

This is I am shocked and deeply saddened by this news. Mac will be greatly missed.

Dia Sobin said...


Thanks for the poem, BTC... it is the sort of stuff that should be appearing here.

But, never fear, cats and kitties, one day one of us will find the ways and means to take on the role of a virtual "groundskeeper" here - and then - poof - all the spam artifacts will be trashed, as they ought to be.

Hang in there, Steve!

Meanwhile, I've updated the PMB sidebar to reflect that we are now on page 3 of the comment section.

Kate McKenzie said...

Dear Mac,

To your legacy I dedicate Gotye's "Somebody that I used to Know." Everytime I hear that song I think of you. And you're dead. Why didn't I try for you? Because Natalie Portman came between us. And then Bruce Sterling told me not to. I pilgrimmed to Missouri last summer to honor you, but I swear I heard your ghost in Barnes 'n Noble and at both Lattelands. You know I love you.

Kate McKenzie said...

Now and then I think of when we were together
Like when you said you felt so happy you could die
I told myself that you were right for me
But felt so lonely in your company
But that was love and it's an ache I still remember

You can get addicted to a certain kinda sadness
Like resignation to the end, always the end
So when we found that we could not make sense
Well you said that we would still be friends
But I'll admit that I was glad that it was over

But you didn't have to cut me off
Make it like it never happened and that we were nothing
I don't even need your love, but you treat me like a stranger
And that feels so rough

No, you didn't have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records
And then change your number
Guess that I don't need that though
Now you're just somebody that I used to know

Now you're just somebody that I used to know
Now you're just somebody that I used to know

Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over
But had me believin it was always something that I'd done

But I don't wanna live that way
Reading into every word you say
You said that you could let it go
And I wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know-oh-oh

But you didn't have cut me off
Make it like it never happened and that we were nothing (oh)
I don't even need your love, but you treat me like a stranger
and that feels so rough


No, you didn't have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect you records
And then change your number (oh)
Guess that I don't need that though
Now you're just somebody that I used to know

Somebody that I used to know
Somebody (now your just somebody that I used to know)
That I used to know
Somebody that I used to know
Somebody (somebody) (now your just somebody that I used to know)
That I used to know

I used to know
That I used to know
I used to know

Kate McKenzie said...

I felt I was your www mistress for 6 years. Bruce Sterling said to let go. I was mad at him when I sent you news of his divorce, which he told me to keep private. I was very mad. I always thought you would be there, on the web for me to look up whenever I felt like it. My grandmother, Gaga, passed away at 105. What are you doing having a medical problem? Are you an asshole?

I have a boyfriend now. He looks like Anakin and he's from MIT, it's the Force.

Kate McKenzie said...

For the record, I'm not through greeving yet. I haven't read all the comments because I'm very busy and I consider Mac's writing more important. I can't believe he's dead.

Steve Sawyer said...

Well, that was a bit... strange.


"But, never fear, cats and kitties, one day one of us will find the ways and means to take on the role of a virtual "groundskeeper" here - and then - poof - all the spam artifacts will be trashed, as they ought to be."

The only way that could be done at this point would be to contact Google/blogger/blogspot and ask them for an access account for this blog for the purpose of clearing out the spam, but I presume Google would be very unlikely to allow that.