Thursday, October 01, 2009

Link-dump #20

Gorgeous Video of Underwater Park

850 Mostly Blind, Pale Creatures Discovered Underground

A Cavalcade of Paranormal Beer Selections

Parasitic urban housing

The River Gym - harnessing renewable energy from burnt-off calories

The Curious Case of the Snake with Foot

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Will Bueche said...

UFOs: Lifting The Veil by Stuart Davis

“Humans have managed to make speedy progress in terms of external capacities. Nuclear weapons, space travel, etc. Our internal capacity to oversee and manage those technologies has not kept pace. Our ability to intimately connect with the hearts and souls of EACH OTHER has languished far behind, receding to a remote after-thought as our infatuation with ungoverned technology has grown.

And this turns out to be quite central in the UFO / Alien phenomena. Because, while we’re enrapt with wonder at the spectacle of the outward technological implications, we skip over the inward imperative it imparts: EVOLVE.


continued on the website of singer/songwriter Stuart Davis: