Monday, July 20, 2009

Asemic texts and "alien" writing

One of the most compelling blogs to catch my attention recently is The New Post-literate, a repository of asemic writings sometimes reminiscent of channeled texts and alleged extraterrestrial symbols.

The example above, for instance, features glyphs superficially similar to those found in the notorious CARET documents.

According to the tale related in the CARET material, the apparent "letters" lining the graceful, swirling "blueprints" are actually components of a self-executing software program, an essentially "magical" code that generates physical effects on the environment without visible mechanical assistance. (That the intricate designs that figure so prominently in the CARET material resemble some crop formations is almost certainly deliberate, suggesting a common, presumably extraterrestrial, origin.)

I contend that the asemic writings compiled by The New Post-literate and the tantalizing forms that litter the CARET documents hail from the human subconscious. While making no immediate rational sense, perhaps they are indeed "self-executing" in the sense that they appeal to hidden recesses of the collective psyche.

In this context, a literal attempt to decipher the enigmatic forms that grace at least one recent crop formation is probably doomed to failure. The CARET designs, along with their asemic and cereological counterparts, are fundamentally artistic expressions that masquerade as language so that we might take the time to attempt a proper reading.

Update: Greg Bishop weighs in on the "alien writing" issue here.

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Bruce Duensing said...

A non linear language of relationships lacking a key, seems to fit the lock of the many realities we inhabit, whether we recognize then or not.
Our shadows whether formed or unformed seemingly seek expression, much as they do on a empirical plane, by ourselves as blind magicians. A self executing codex that accounts for babble in the eyes of it's creators is perhaps a map of our internal disorientation in Borge's library of Babel, where every book is a variant, and we the librarians seek the Crimson Hexagon onto infinity, while we disavow our authorship. A meaty post.

Blondecore said...

I am skeptic and in the same time - fortean... i want to believe in the weird and frightening (my fortean side) but i want to see some rational "earthly" explaination.

from real "mystery" (necronomicon type books) grimoires i have:
Codex Seraphinianus
its recently produced art book, but everyone when see it can say that its "disturbing" (if they are not cynics of course, or people with really low EQ)
Mac Tony: if you want this book i can upload it and to send you the link... just let me know here in the comment section.

dp1974 said...

Would the first writing have been asemic ...? After all, most of the Vedic chants have no meaning whatsoever - but they are believed to be a channel for power.

Greg Bishop said...


VERY inspiring. I have expanded upon it with my own opinions and some illustrations at ufomystic.


Greg Bishop said...

...well maybe not so much "expanded" as went off on my own tangent. Your comments about the crop circles are well-taken, especially as some "hoaxers" have described strange effects apparently due to the act of creating the glyphs.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, this could all be obvious horseshit.

thisismydisaster said...

Horseshit or inspiring, weird and mysterious, or subconscious purging...whatever one's perception of asemic writing may be, that perception cannot be "wrong."

Viewing and practicing asemics has profoundly affected my use of language. Perhaps different parts of the brain are employed when viewing asemic writing: the part that understands the written word ("semantic" writing), and the part that processes visual images. But then the brain gives pause at the confusing contrast of the inherit similarities of true asemic writing to "semantic" writing.

So we get the FEELing we should be able to interpret something, but the interpretation runs a few steps ahead of our brain. And it always will, because true asemics have no SEMANTIC meaning.

If this stuff interests you, I highly recommend you check out Michael Jacobson's The Giant's Fence, and anything by Tim Gaze (

And as great as these images are online (and they are), the impact's even greater when you hold an asemic piece on paper in your hand. Mr. Gaze's oft-quoted observation: "Paper has more presence than electronic media."


Red Pill Junkie said...

I can't help thinking that this is somehow linked with the video you posted of Carl Sagan explaining the projection of 4-dimensional beings in our 3-dimensional space.

Maybe sigils and asemic writing is a way to project into our conscious reality elements that exist outside our normal levels of consciousness; and just like a teseract cannot really exist in our 3-dimensional space, the end result of the asemic writing is just a "shadow" of the true nature of those "paraconscious" entities.

Avi said...

Have you seen the script that Gurdjieff made up for his aphorisms?:

Mac said...


Thanks for sharing this!