Saturday, June 27, 2009

Link-dump #2

Ultimate sidecar: man attaches full-sized car to his motorcycle

The Weirdest Object in the Solar System?

Past Climate Change Cannot Be Tied to Earth Passing Through Galactic Plane

Sex on a Drip: worth a flight to Singapore?

UFO seen over Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

Gallery: Domestic robots with a taste for flesh

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Chris Wren said...

I was never big on the passage through the galactic plane theory. For starters, the plane isn't homogeneous, Some parts are denser than others, so most of the time our passage through it is essentially no different than our time spent above and below. It's the equivalent of getting hit with a one or two extra droplets of rain in a thunderstorm. Maybe one passage in a hundred "might" take us through a patch dense enough to disrupt our kuiper belt objects and cause a rain of comets, but there's no way it would happen consistently enough to account for apparently regularly spaced extinction events.