Thursday, April 23, 2009

Strange "helpers"

The latest illustrated anecdote from "Kartott":

I sometimes see these entities during meditation (eyes barely open, soft focus). They stand (float) about me, seeming to modulate a field of energy around me (I especially sense their hands, "combing" the energy). There always seems to be one primary entity, usually right in my face, others are more in the background. I don't get any verbal communication from them.

As the description above illustrates, the "Gray" archetype seems to possess the ability to manifest in a "visionary" manner. If so, who's responsible? We could be dealing with a hardwired neurological phenomenon, as argued by researchers like Michael Persinger and Albert Budden. Conversely, recurrent images of the Grays -- in varying stages of physicality and in a multitude of contexts -- beg the idea that they exist independently of the brain (at least temporarily).

The close encounter literature is rife with accounts in which "abductees," convinced their visitors are flesh-and-blood, encounter their assailants in apparent "out-of-body" and similarly altered states, suggesting that the Grays (and their kin) can maneuver in and out of our ontological framework at will. What might this say about the origin of our visitors (if indeed we're dealing with an externally imposed intelligence)?

Perhaps, instead of hailing from space, the "Grays" emanate from a much closer source. As Whitley Strieber suggests in "Communion," they could be an unacknowledged aspect of the human psyche and thus indistinguishable from mental aberration. As pioneering consciousness researcher Dr. Rick Strassman has shown, the aggressively psychedelic compound DMT can produce tellingly similar encounters, offering the novel idea that our brains can function as receivers or portals. (Ultimately, some of us might serve as nothing less than transportation devices for incorporeal intelligences, which might explain why some individuals seem predisposed to contact and the pageantry of strangeness that often accompanies it.)


Anonymous said...

I don't put much faith in the research of Persinger. Others have tried to repeat his experiments and been unsuccessful. There are also reports from people that have used his equipment who say they did not experience the sorts of things he is claiming. I think he overstates his finding big time.

sarah_mcb said...

Tis true. The key to outerspace is hidden in our respective inner space.

alanborky said...

One of the things I've noticed about my own memory over the years is it usually seems to prefer operating videographically - i.e. viewing memories of particular events as if they're actually happening all over again, (right in front of my eyes, as it were).

But if I recall some episode involving a number of people which my memory apparently doesn't consider sufficiently important enough to warrant running the full original master 'video' for, then what I'll actually get to see'll merely consist of the individuals concerned's salient details: e.g. Stevie's piercing blue eyes; Micky's blond cow's lick hair; Pete's ginger stubble, etc.; i.e., the image'll consist of a series of vaguely anthropomorphic grey shapes - one for each individual involved - to which will be 'pinned' the relevant salient detail to the relevant body part, something I've also noticed occurring in my dreams.

The point being, the similarity between my grey memory manikins and the highly reduced - detail wise - Grays is so close it makes me wonder if something's deliberately utilizing one of the quirks of the ways our memories work, or if the memory manikins are much more significant than the mere passive 'film' props I've always hitherto considered them to be.

Emperor said...

I know someone who reports that during a TLE attack he saw a classic Gray fade in and then fade out again. Equally some of the accidental discoveries of the effects of infrasound include a mysterious figure fading in. Bord's book on fairies includes and account where he walked into his bedroom to find little figures messing around on his bed and when they realised they were being watched they gradually faded away.

There seems to be a continuity of experiences across alien encounters, night terrors, epilepsy, infrasound, shamanic experiences, drug experiences, ghosts, crisis apparitions, NDes/OOBEs, and on into outer fringes of cryptozoology that seem to make a mockery of easy classification of Forteana.

I have pondered this before, most recently over DMT and the Third Man Factor - the next big step is to actually work out if this is some kind of internal process or some form of contact with something external to us (although we should avoid being too literal in our interpretations of what is seen, as this would suggest we filter it to make the experience easier to interpret). People are working on creating experimental procedures for contact with such entities but I am currently unsure how you could differentiate between actual external entities and unrealised human potential (telepathy or remote viewing) but if the results were encouraging it would go a long way to show something odd was going on.

There is a small amount of evidence to suggest there might be something odd going on: In a few of those links I discuss an odd result from one of Stanislav Grof's LSD experiments where they received information they didn't seem to previously have and an article in the British Medical Journal discussed a woman who heard voices in her head which successfully diagnosed her brain tumour. Not enough to convince me but enough to suggest further research might be warranted. I suppose the main problem is that proper research using DMT is rare but if the chance arose I, for one, would volunteer to be strapped into the psychedelic bathysphere - in the name of science, naturally.

Anonymous said...

Be very careful with these so called "helpers".

I have been visited in "Theta" wavelength of sleep by one of these, and an intense level of fear came over me upon this visitation, where I was also having a slightly out of body experience. As far as I know, I managed to will it away by merely telling it not to bother me, that I was too tired...and I never had one visit me again, at least that I'm aware. =)

Based on numerous accounts, the "Grey" (which may not be limmited to just one group, as apparently there are many similar types with a variety of differences in description) can manifest in at least physical as well as "interdimensional" (astral/etheric)
and likewise it has been well documented that abductions can take place in both physical and astral forms.

Despite a few very positive experiences reported, most are not positive, and nobody should trust these beings out of hand, even if the message is beautiful. All must realize and question others and themselves, as positive memories and emotions can easily be screen memories hiding something very dark, such as a not so happy and manipulative agenda. I don't want to say there isn't a positive group of greys, but I reitterate, be very careful, avoid these beings is best medicine, they are not angelic.

Something else to be aware of, there are some "Greys" working for created/enslaved by the regressive and hostile reptillian Draco in their abductions.

ninni said...

I have ONLY verbal communication with those -whatever -without anything Else nowadays