Friday, September 07, 2007

Paul Kimball's posted another excellent clip of ufologist Stan Friedman. While I agree with Friedman on relatively little when it comes to the nature and ultimate meaning of specific UFO encounters (such as Roswell or the Hill abduction), his ability to cast light on the bureaucratic and media implications of the phenomenon in general is always engaging. I saw him speak (for free) last year and would gladly pay to see him again -- even knowing I'd find myself objecting to many of his conclusions.


Elan said...

How truly refreshing (and hopeful) to see tolerance in UFOlogy.
To disagree with a fellow researcher’s basic premise and show respect enough to say that you would pay to hear him talk is almost heretically decent in a field rife with take-no-prisoners paradigm bashing.
Bravo, Mac, UFOlogy and anomalistics is well represented by you!

Mac said...

There's indeed a lot of territorial bickering among ufologists and other forteans. It seems to go with the territory. (Somehow, I get the feeling it's what "they" would want.)