Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Jason Sheets (Busy, Busy, Busy) has thrown in the blogging towel (at least temporarily) under the mistaken impression that other bloggers are rendering him redundant. As one of the very best commentators on the malignant ascent of "Creation Science," Jason needs a good talking to by members of the blogosphere who value informed protest.* So here's Jason's email address (courteously disguised to duck spambots): zinnite at gmail dot com. Let him have it.

On the subject of email: Please, whoever you are, stop signing me up for vacuous mass mailings devoted to the merits and perils of politically inclined entertainer-commentators. I don't care. Not one bit. Ann Coulter can be as "shocking" as she wants, and that's fine, but I could honestly care less. Same for left-leaning spokesmen like Michael Moore, who refuses my requests to be removed from his mailing list and continues to plague my in-box with oh-so-ironic "open letters" to W and others.

Like professional wrestling, the arena populated by the likes of Coulter, Limbaugh, Moore et al should be properly labeled political "entertainment." It certainly isn't discourse. It's contrived, degenerate banter, and I'm sick of it.

*Plus, Rudy Rucker is on hiatus; I'm running out of daily reads, folks!