Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Antarctic's ice 'melting faster'

"A team of UK researchers claims to have new evidence that global warming is melting the ice in Antarctica faster than had previously been thought."

Home PCs Predict Hotter Earth

"Global warming may ramp up average temperatures by 20 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 50 years, according to the first climate prediction experiment relying on the distributed computer power of 90,000 personal computers. The startling results were published this week in the journal Nature."

Climate crisis near 'in 10 years'

"Stephen Byers said: 'Our planet is at risk. With climate change, there is an ecological time-bomb ticking away, and people are becoming increasingly concerned by the changes and extreme weather events they are already seeing.'"

Scientists to re-measure Everest amid concerns it may be shrinking

"News reports out of China yesterday said that there is official concern that the top of the world's tallest mountain is getting lower - and melting glaciers caused by global warming may be to blame."