Friday, May 28, 2004

I glanced at a mainstream "news" publication the other day and was shocked to discover that America is facing a "gay marriage crisis." Crisis? Gays wanting legal recognition as couples constitutes a "crisis"? Who sold this moronic idea?

You want a crisis? Ocean life has started dying in what could very well be the first stage in a global ecological nightmare. That's a crisis. The Bush administration is controlled by biblical fundamentalists who believe in a literal interpretation of Armageddon -- and it has nukes. I think that qualifies as a crisis.

But -- silly me -- it's those gays I should be losing sleep over. Forget mercury poisoning, ozone depletion, escalating carbon dioxide levels, melting ice-caps, "missing" plutonium, and our cheerful disregard for near-Earth asteroids.

Boy, I had it all wrong. Good thing I saw that paper.