Sunday, February 15, 2004

Yes, this thing again.

Oy! Those "debunkers" sure are a clever lot, huh? The esteemed New York Times, no less. Instead of going out of its way to edify the public with a guffaw-inducing image of the Face on Mars with cartoon rabbit ears, why didn't the Times' illustrious staff do any investigative reporting? If they had, they'd learn that the lander debris idea is porous, that the so-called "bunny" has evidently moved, that the Opportunity rover had a perfect chance to take a closer look but was steered onward to save "precious machine time," and that no one -- not even the biggest nuts out there (and there are a ton of them) -- think the "bunny" is actually a rabbit (I personally labeled it the "pronged object" in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid "hit-pieces" like this one).

The Times is brandishing the "bunny" label literally. What about "Sushi," the rock lovingly (and quite incomprehensibly) named by JPL's own? Will the Times run a condescending article chastising NASA geologists for suggesting the presence of raw fish in a Martian crater?