Tuesday, February 17, 2004

PETA sent me an envelope stuffed with anti-Iams stickers. I didn't ask for 'em, but there they are, surreptitiously admonishing. Which leaves me with the dilemma of where to put them. I bet the coffeeshop would let me stick a couple on their community board. The Plaza is a haven for dog-walkers; during good weather LatteLand is jumping with pets brought in by window shoppers, so it might actually do some good.

In other "news," I've decided that I really want a decent TV/DVD player. My ban on TV broadcasting will remain in effect, but I've got movies I'd truly enjoy watching. Have you ever tried to lose yourself in a Hollywood film displayed on a laptop? It doesn't work. You have to view the screen at just the right angle or darker shades turn into undifferentiated shadow. It's like watching through a veil. And if you put the machine in your lap you quickly become aware of the thing's not-inconsiderable heat-output, bringing to mind uneasy thoughts of testicular cancer. All so I can watch "Dead Ringers" for the fiftieth time.