Sunday, February 15, 2004

I just got this incredible piece of "beatnik" spam. This appears to be source code for the colorfully ambiguous subject headers employed by spammers to evade anti-spam filters. Keep in mind that this is just a portion of the entire email. You have to wonder: Did these tenacious Viagra-peddling drones get the idea from William Burroughs' cut-up technique? I'm seriously thinking about reading this at the next open-mic at Barnes & Noble. Dig it:

Crablike Bloodsucker Booking Reaction Cuckoldom Supercherie=
Ceremonialism Bassetting Adornment Coxcombery Disqualify Reasoner Urc=
eus Disseize Respersion. Dulcorate Bina Tenderness Runnion Plinth Pre=
figuration Scathful Deuced Inseverable Radoteur Crenated Hebetation No=
rther Seppuku Ructation Uxorious Airmanship Trebuchet Quicksands Decad=
ency Bobbery Plexus Operosity. Locular Varuna Operose Lustquencher Im=
poster Unbridled Babblement Beldame Capriciousness Attemper Atheistic =
Nonconformist. Instructions Embellishment Antipodal Imbibation Riverb=
oat Floss Lorcha Arietation Numberless Supersaturate Unerring Studded =
Snowdrift Hardened Clearage Libertinage Marbled Arbitrator Sirkar.