Monday, February 16, 2004

I haven't yet given NationStates a whirl, but I plan on it. From browsing the FAQ, it looks like author Max Barry conceived this thing pretty much on his own. Not bad at all for an author promo site.

I still haven't made it to "Jennifer Government," but it's still on my list. I'm presently making headway in Paul McAuley's near-future exobiological thriller "The Secret of Life." Gregory Benford's "In the Ocean of Night" might be next up. In the meantime, I'm battling stupefying headaches and waking up with pains in my back; both maladies can probably be traced to spending too much time on my computer.

It snowed copiously this evening. I walked down to Panera, had a sandwich, and savored an espresso at LatteLand in a desperate attempt to kick-start my psychometabolism back into caffeinated normality. You know that nasty taste you get in your mouth sometimes when you fall asleep after eating? My brain feels like that right now. No kidding.

New CD purchase: "More Songs About Buildings and Food" (Talking Heads)