Sunday, May 25, 2003

Site o' the day:

Isn't it weird how any mention of Iraq's dreaded weapons of mass destruction seems to have vanished from the mainstream media? Supposedly, the "WMD" issue was the reason the United States launched its hasty pre-emptive invasion. If the WMD ever truly existed in the quantities implied by the Bush administration, they now appear to be strangely missing (not to mention curiously unused during the actual conflict, which has left something like 6,000 civilians murdered).

My question: Why is the "missing WMD" issue being ignored? One would naturally assume that it would be the central political issue right now: a threat ranking with the Cuban Missile Crisis. After all, if these weapons existed, then they must have been spirited away by would-be terrorists, posing a grossly greater threat to US security than if they were confined within Iraq's borders.

The people who choose to believe that our invasion of Iraq was to relieve Saddam Hussein of weapons of mass destruction should team up with the Flat Earth Society. They're natural allies. The Iraq war, already fading from American consciousness with the rapidity of a particularly lukewarm TV commercial, was an atrocity, an evil fiction, a geopolitical fever-dream . . . and a rude glimpse of a future when the American public can be utterly and astoundingly duped in wholesale quantity. All it takes, it seems, is some bumper stickers, presidential "tough talk," and a complete disregard for human life and intelligence.

Click the link above. Vote to impeach Bush. It won't do any good, but it might make you feel better.